Hubert Senters here. Let’s take another look at Amazon on a 2 minute chart. I don’t want you think I’m cherry picking this just doing so I’m just doing a follow-up on the exact 2 minute chart. Charts can be sloppy because too many chart there’s a lot information for this little itty bitty recording screen that I’m required to keep it to so I’ll do my best. There is one thing I don’t like about this indicator which I’ll show you in just a second. So here on this most recent trading you can see there was a $5.4X. That’s a positive return. Then there was a long initiated here. There was a stop-loss, target 1, target 2 and then $10.9. I’m going to circle this. I’ll have to remove it though to so plus $5, plus $10, that should be plus $9. It’s a $10.9 I’m not going round $5 plus $10 that’s $15X. And then here’s another trade at $4X. Now here’s where it starts getting bad. Ladies and gentlemen, lookout. So in this situation I’m going to zoom all the way in. And you can see then lost point $0.4X so it’s terrible. Here’s the one thing I don’t like about this indicator. It kind of gets messed up a little bit here and it looks a little uglier. Here’s what you got do. It’s hard work. Someone’s got to do it. What you can do you is going to grab this and move it so you can see it. Grab this and move it so you can see it like that. You see how much hard work that is, that’ll drive you crazy. This is hard work. Now, that’s not the only loss that it had. You had minus $4 plus $1.3 minus $1, minus $1 and minus $1. If you add all that up. So if we say plus $1, getting other places plus $1 plus $4 plus $10, I’m not really going to count this plus $5 back here. It’s still positive on the day. Just on the day trades it did alone today. The key that you should walk away from number one this is hard moving these numbers like this. It requires a ton of manual labor. You have to physically grab it and move it so you can see it. This is craziness. You should not have to work that hard for your money. Number two, the risk versus the reward in this sequence of trades is good like I don’t mind taking a little loss, after a little loss, after a little loss as long as it doesn’t want me out for some more substantial gains like $1.3, $4.0, $10.0, you know, or even $5.4. So that’s what it should take away from this video but I want to make sure that yesterday I showed you Amazon 2 minute and I show what did today on 2 minute chart. Mark and I are going to be doing a special webinar this Friday at 12PM EST, April 20th. Teaching you how this thing sets you up so that you can take a look at trading minnow size risk for potential whale size profits. Webinar is filling up. There’s already more people who signed up that will probably be able to attend. What I’m going to do is I am going to open up go to webinar on Friday about 11:45. So if you’re real serious and you want to pretty much guarantee a seat although there’s no guarantee in life. And there are no guarantees in trading ladies and gentlemen, it will increase your odds or your percentages. The risk reward ratio of you getting in will be higher if you show up early so open up at 11:45. Good luck. Hope it helps. And I’ll see you on the next video. Hubert.