Hubert Senters here. It’s very important for you to always have a watch list.  I always have two distinct watch lists. One of the things that I think are going to go higher, long only. And then I also have a list of things I think are going to go short or low. This is a snapshot of one of the things that was on my sample watch list for yesterday. I did a scan and I noticed that it closed. Now, if you’re in the technical analysis you may know about this. If you’re not, you may not know anything about this. This is called the cloud.  And it’s called the Ichimoku, the japanese technical analysis method. And I’ve been using it for years and I like it. If you need more information about it just Google it. One close above the cloud is a decent buy signal and today we had some follow-up to the high side.  This will probably going to go substantially higher. I will give you a target here the best I can fairly quickly. Let’s go point one, point two, point three. Next target will be $255, $165 and $271. Hubert.