Hubert Senters here. So take a look at ALGN, Align Technology is what looks like. So you’ve got nice re-buy opportunity on Align Technology. So you had a cross above the cloud here. Has been a screaming momentum play to the upside then it close below the turning line and then it close below the standard line. You’d think it would go to the cloud next but it didn’t and it close back above the turning and the standard line. And now what it should do is it should take a crack at the most recent highs at $371 so right now, there’s about 45 more minutes left in the day as I’m shooting this video. So the next target for ALGN will be $371-ish. I’ve been asked to be one of the speakers at the Wealth365 event which takes place July 16th to July 21st. I’m talking to either Monday or Tuesday I’m not sure on the dates because I haven’t checked my calendar. Hold on I’ll do that real quick. Looks like I will be speaking Monday at 7PM EST. So on the 16th on the first day, I think I’m second the last. I think Rob goes after me. But anyway, I’m going to hyperlink you there. CLICK REGISTER FOR FREE. And then here is a bunch of the other people that are speaking, Kevin. Kevin is going to be the keynote and if you don’t know Kevin he was one of the original Shark Tank guys right there. There you got over 80 speakers over six days, 10 plus topics and they’re giving away over $200,000 in prizes. Good luck. Hope it helps. I’ll hyperlink you the form. Hubert.