Which one do you suffer from?

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  1. B

  2. just fed up with my day trading “skills” and moving toward swing trading… i would be a type “a” at day trading, but doing a bit better at swing trading, or at least doing the same but much s l o w e r 😉

  3. I suffer from ‘B’, but I’m improving, though not fast enough !!!

  4. Larry Fox says:

    Suffer from: “A”

  5. I’m a B….but with your help, I’m getting better. Thanks Hubert!

  6. I suffer from C mostly, occasionally A

  7. Don Henderson says:

    “B” – mostly; getting better though; generally the big losses result from following someone’s suggestions without studying and/or commitment of my own. Starting to do my “own thing” w better results; now I need to increase my “baby steps.”

  8. bob curran says:

    Hubert , in all honesty i suffer at different times from all 3. i have not had a winning year in 4-years , but still trying , iam a mr. mom at home with 1-teanager daughter ,i might be down close to 300-350k , any help is welcomed or i have to look for another way of creating $$$$$$$$, your vid,s are great , also having marital stress possible split here , thnx bob curran ,

  9. Probably B…..but sometimes I have a big profit and forget to move my stop up to lock in some gains…letting winners turn into losers.

  10. Giselle Thompson says:

    Mostly B.

  11. A

  12. Johnny Lash says:

    I would have to say D. It started out like A but I do make a gain but it is just barely enough to cover the commision.

    • Johnny Lash

      Which one was D?
      Yep commissions will kill you if you don’t get the lowest clearing you can.

      Look at leasing a Seat IDEM or ECM

      Hope it helps

  13. I suffer with B …
    but its tough to get in the flow I’ve trading for about 3 years now and i dont have a handle to it…pleaseee helpppp/…. very nice videos great stuff everyday..its like u read minds people…..or minds trades….. thanks Sr… keep the hard work

    • Elvin

      Don’t get to down on yourself. Most folk don’t last 3 years.
      I wish I could read minds it would help a lot.
      You just pick up thing over 18+ years.

      Hope It helps

  14. James Watson says:

    B, I tend to hold on to may losses to long and I tend to make profit and sell them to quit.

  15. I am in category B.


  16. Mostly A

  17. Hard to say which one I am.

    My main problem is that I don’t let the good trades run long enough but take profits at the first sign of resistance or at a predetermined level. Any tip you can give me how to overcome this problem would be greatly appreciated.

  18. Hubert, I suffer from a combination of B and C

    • Bob
      You might need to see a Specialist for that.
      Just joking it ‘s pretty common.


      • I have all of the above.would love to see some money tired of loosing money that I cannot afford.swing trades sound better.
        when I am doing good and thing right something techically goes wrong .No win here
        so discouraged maybe I may just quit.

  19. I’m a B

  20. Robert D. says:

    mainly A, sometimes I get a bit bigger loser as in C, but I mostly control my risk ok.

  21. Started off as C …. Now still struggling at A.

  22. John Clement says:

    I did commodities many years ago before all this great instantaneous software and, now that I’m back, I find I have the same problem. I suffer from A.

    I’m not as good spotting the right set ups and so I tend to get in at the wrong times.

  23. I would fall under category ‘A’. Few small losses and a few small gains.

  24. B
    Hard to admit that you do not put in hard stops as you should. Glad to see you are still working trades every day and sharing some of your time in the seat!

  25. A but B once and a while

  26. aleksandra says:

    I suffer from A –I am a day trader and want to be only this type of a trader–

  27. B Is my biggest problem, but getting better.

  28. B…small gains (get out too soon) but take large losses.

  29. Claude Fraser says:

    I am a B type.

  30. A. I keep my stops tight and base my entries around areas that do not require larger stops. Lately though, as soon as I open a position “they” go directly to my stops no matter where I put them.

  31. Chris LaBelle says:

    Can I add a category? Category D which is actually C but after blowing out an account with C I haven’t made a trade in over a year. I paper trade every day and on paper I look great, but when I go to place a real trade I’m fearful and can’t seem to pull the trigger. I’m taking your bond course tomorrow night and think that might be a good market for me to get over my fears. What do you think?

    • Chris LaBelle

      Fear of pulling the trigger is a real problem for lot of traders.
      there is an exercise you can do to get over it quicker and decrease the chances of it coming up again.

      Yeah bonds are great for small Risk which should help.

      Thanks for taking the course. Remind me and I will do the drill in the course.

      Hope it helps

  32. Don Wilson says:

    suffer from A&B at times usally from forcing a trade

  33. Fernando says:

    Have suffer mainly from A both with B in 2008 I have blow the all account.

  34. Don Bee says:

    Item B, big time

  35. my problem is “B”. I have losts of small winners, but the losers overwhelm the winners. right now the tgts are 1/2 of s/l and the % of winnners to losers is about 65%.

  36. I use to suffer mainly from A as I never initiate a position without a stop loss. I do NOT do day trading any more as I think it doesn’t much my personality. Recently in the past few months I have been mainly swing trading and I’m just at the break even point. Hopefully my next step is to take consistent profits from the market.

  37. Muhmmad says:

    Still C

  38. A

  39. B

  40. seems like i just plain suffer. I did them all and I just did it again. over all I would say B.

  41. I be a “B”. Take the small gain so I don’t turn a winner into a loser.

  42. tampawab says:

    I suffer from mainly A:. My problem now, is that I have stopped trading ,due to fear. My account has not grown for years and I have spent tons of time in the computer. I want to see financial gain, I want to make money , to pay for my webinars, site subcriptions, and some left to grow the account and take some pay for my personal needs. I just want to learn 3 bread and butter trades, master them, like the back of my palm.

    • tampawab

      That’s a great start now pick which market your going to trade.
      Stock, Options, Futures, Forex or Bonds. Then swing or Day.
      Then the Tactics.

      Hope it helps

  43. Prem Sawh says:

    Hey Hubert,

    I would say mostly B.

  44. I suffer from b

  45. Kamalakar Pendse says:

    I suffer from both A and B!. Thanks

  46. Hubert… I’m trying to give up day trading because I suffered from “A” and was getting killed on commissions. So, I’ve tried to switch to a more swing trade approach… and it’s turned into “C”.

    • Dan

      I prefer to swing trade. So I think your on the right track.
      I still day trade but tend to make more swing trading.

      As far as Commissions what do you trade look at leasing a seat.

      Hope it helps

  47. A and occassionally C

  48. “A” – with the added hurt of commissions piled on top, so even in a good week I’ll still end up down. By the way, thanks for all the tidbits of good info!

  49. HENDERSON says:

    (B), I make the money, don’t take profits, wait to go higher, it come down go negative , then up again , then i take profit after a few days , increase the stake on other trade’s hence loosing more, is it greed kicking in ?.

  50. Hi Hubert,
    Mine Is A.

  51. Brad Horejsi says:


  52. I suffer from “B”

  53. Jason R says:

    I suffer from A with small bouts of big winners. My biggest problem is not taking a good profit when it presents itself or taking a profit too fast that would have run a little…. You’re helping, I’m getting there, hard to do trading 1 lot……

  54. For about 2 one month periods over 5 years of trading, I was a “B”. Mostly it’s “A” with some “C” thrown in. I seem to be able to find unexpected black swan events every other week that blow through support or resistance points like butter. I have yet to see a small profit that could have turned into a bigger one to let run. Seems like I get about 1-2 hours at best with a very small profit before all hell breaks loose. Stops are used and they usually are hit “to the tick” before reversal. It doesn’t matter where they are put – far away or close – all are hit before any profit so I can’t raise them once it might get in the green. I now just put them a few ticks away on entry in order to minimize damage. If it’s going south, I want out NOW. Went to your Chicago seminar 3 years ago but I guess nothing stuck. I’ll keep trying!!

  55. A

  56. Hi Hubert,

    I’m a daytrading ‘B’ type.


  57. B

  58. B

  59. B


  60. A

  61. A

  62. Suffering A

  63. Hubert, lately my trading sucks! I am a solid “C”
    Hate to admit it, but I am – yep, a C

  64. RideTheCurve says:

    Sufferin Succotash! “A” has my style all OVER it!

  65. A was B…Seem to be improving from the A…Took John’s advice, trade the setup and leave it alone for 2 days…Best trade (GC) last month..

  66. I’m a “B” to the “T”

  67. B going towards C. After a big loss, I try to recover by aiming for small gains and close stops.

  68. I’m a “B”

  69. A thanks. will not be subscribe at this time.

  70. Attila Hajdu says:

    B, and small account size…


  71. ‘B’ most closely matches me.

  72. Used to be an A then graduated to B then made it all the way to C then back to A to start the cycle over. But now I’m on to none of the above which is looking at a platform full of indicators and doing nothing because the pain (emotional and financial) endured from years of A, B, and C trading keeps me from taking action. It only costs me a $125 a month to pretend trade at TradeStation which is less than I was losing by actually taking trades. It cost about the same as cable and is much more entertaining.

    • M

      That’s one way of looking at it.
      Try to ease into some small trading like a mirco or mini forex.
      The more you really trade the easier it will get.

      Hope it helps

  73. I suffer from something different: I can have 10-15 moderate gains in a row and then one loss will knock out a good part of the profits. I DO use stops. Trying to keep nothing overnight – very often the opening gaps are what kill me.

  74. Modified B.

    My big losses are an accumulation of small lossess. On an upday, I have 2, maybe 3 trades the most. On a down day, I have about 15 trades, all with small losses adding up to a big loss.

  75. Michael says:

    More like “B”

  76. I “B” sufferin’ once every couple weeks

  77. Manuel Menezes says:

    B but p/l is averaging b/e. I do respect my stoploss but cut the winners short

  78. Like Julie, I to suffer from B…am improving, but it has taken way too long.

  79. johnathan a says:


  80. A

  81. Michaelp says:

    The problem with choosing to daytrade and/or swing trade is that they are two different disciplines.
    If you daytrade, you have to trade a short enough timeframe to be able to see the actual movement of the price, right now and take a few Ticks.
    If you swing trade you are looking at a fixed pattern on the chart or a Fib level that is not moving. I consider any price that is not moving to be a 50/50, coin flip trade. The reason is because you are not psychic. You are trying to predict which way the price will go and keep a large stop. So, if you are not good at predicting then you will suffer the patterns of losses that Hubert described.

  82. I’ve suffered from A B & C but mostly C. Actually my trading changed … I was winning much more than loosing.. then my trades did a flip with loosing trades. The reason I didn’t stop is because of the winners I had at the onset of my trading. I figured the loosing streak would stop just as it started. I was wrong.

    • Marsha

      Some of the best Hedge funds out there have a Hard stop rule if you down more than 3-7% in one Month your done for that Month.

      Hope it helps

      • Hubert.. thanks for the tip about the Hedge fund hard stop rule. Thats a GOOD ONE. Why didn’t I think of that. :)) I will keep that rule at the top of my rule list. As my Mom used to say, Thanks a Million.
        Marsha PS Your a hell of a guy. Thanks for sharing and yes it helps!

  83. y blow my account with the b example. y had small wins and soudely big lost.

  84. Dan Allen says:

    I suffered from B last year. A lot of wins but some really big losses and came out about even or slightly down. I have changed my “ways” a bit and now seem to be suffereing from A. I am swing trading mostly but it seems to slow.

  85. Hubert, I a combination of A and B. I too have a small account and tend to take profits too soon.

  86. Was C, moved to A

  87. B. late to enter, get out as soon as profitable. hold losser to long.

  88. B

  89. chris Hitch says:

    i suffer B Look forward to your fix for it,

  90. A. Going up instead of down, but going up too slow. I suspect I’m taking profits too quickly with stops too tight, but can’t seem to hit the right balance to stay in the trades longer.

  91. Francoise Duffy says:

    Definitely number 1. Please a cure!!!

  92. I have done all three at one time or another Hubert Thank you for your mentoring and experience to honestly assess my weakness and my strengths in trading futures which is what I am trading at this time Thanks and God Bless you S.V.

  93. quite frankly, only been trading bonds for several months (thanks to you for introducing me to bond trading) and I am ahead. I keep my stops at 5 ticks on the 30yr, and if I’m ahead by 20+ ticks, I start moving my stop closer to the price to retain profit. I did have a month of trading like A but was able to keep my losses small so recouped what was lost in the first week of the next month. I’m having fun but it is an adrenaline rush when you’re in a trade. My problem is overtrading – hard to stay out.

  94. I started out in B and then moved to A. ie. still lousy.

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