Short PEG

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  1. Hubert, I would love to watch that video. Also like this trade, short PEG. Nice bearish reversal candle today on it too

  2. Craig Bishop says:

    Looks good

  3. all your information is great–appreciate all the help that you are providing to me and to all your followers.

  4. Marty Mernitz says:

    Thanks for all the work you do

  5. would be entertaining to hear un-edited video

  6. Good video. Agree that utilities are overdone at this point.

  7. Dave Johnson says:

    always good

  8. Victor Gavrilenko says:

    Yes, I would like unedited monthly newsletter video published!!!

  9. Good trading idea, thanks!

  10. kimberly yapp says:

    The market is in sectors rotation mode or the market is going to have a short term correction in this coming May??


  11. If this market is topping some longer term shorts would seem to be in order.

  12. Tim S. says:

    Would love to see the newsletter!

  13. Lisa K says:

    Thanks for the sector heads up and pointing out where the better payback could lie. Good to balance day trading with longer term perspective. Appreciate any and all insights, love your work, Hubert.

  14. JenniferL says:

    Thanks Hubert, I’m a new trader so I appreciate the time you take to educate others via video….The trading tips are cool too. I’ll give it a try.

  15. Ernest Gabbard says:

    Thanks for all that you do for the people that follow your ideas.

  16. elliot says:

    I would like to see the video please

  17. Bob Wyneken says:

    Thanks Hubert. Always interested and willing to learn what you have to say about this and related business’. I always learn something of value from what you share with everybody. Thanks again. Bob

  18. Dennis King says:

    I would like to see it

  19. les oley says:

    Very clear and actionable information Hubert

    Thanks for your hard work

  20. bring it!

  21. Hubert, I have only shorted stocks by buying puts. I know you have said many times you do not do options. So I am very interested in shorting stocks. I am assuming you must set aside the value of the risk in your account. Are there limitations related to IRA accounts or any account levels (1-4) you must have?

  22. Newsletter! 🙂

  23. Ram Kumar says:

    Hubert , I am following you for the past 3 months. There is definitely more positive in my trading. There is no doubt that i am learning a lot from your education classes ( bonds,gold,LRHR…) and also building up a trading strategy. Every time you get us the good stuff. Some time when my trades are down.. I just watch your old videos, which helps me to fine tune the trading psychology..
    Thanks a lot for what you are doing ( Good karma)
    Ram kumar

  24. Mike Helberg says:


    Thank you for the PEG video.

    I am looking forward to your Tech class on May 7th, and to seeing you in the TTM Trading room tomorrow.

  25. Hubert:
    I’m alive! I would very much like to review your monthly summary!



  26. Good idea. I cannot short stocks, but I can buy puts or do a bear spread. I would like to see the video mentioned – and will provide feedback on that also. Thanks Hubert

  27. Dennis Nitto says:

    Thank you Hubert. I would love to see the video.

  28. Sheryl Haase says:

    Would love to see it as well, Hubert.

  29. Amazing to me how intertwined financial forecasts and information
    to the public are!

  30. Hubert, thank you very much with your wonderful job you are doing with free videos. I would like to trade PEG as you say so, but with in the money puts. Should I buy them at list for three months length or more? Thank you again. Please keep doing your wonderful job!

  31. Jose Fco Ruiz Gutierrez says:

    Of course I would like more information about this. Send me your excellent work. As always, you are getting my attention to you style of trading. Simple and efective.

  32. Clement Contardo says:

    Thanks for the offer, Hubert. I’d also like to see the video.

  33. hubbie says:


  34. Dave H says:

    Could an inverse EFT work if you couldn’t go short (i.e. IRA)?

  35. Michael Befus says:

    I think you would again out-do yourself in generousity you exhibit by offering to make your professional investing advice available to your many clients and watchers. Having taken advantage of a few of your educational opportunities in the past, I can say that you truly ‘Over-Deliver’ in this regard.

    Thank You for all you do for us ‘less-seasoned’ traders and investors!

  36. Would love the newsletter!! Love all you do for us!

  37. Ultrashort Utility ETF SDP will give good bang for the buck.

  38. Peter Otto says:

    Thanks Hubert, for sharing your market knowledge and experience.
    It helps a lot indeed.

  39. PEG has had a nice run, but the weekly chart MACD is showing no sign of even starting to roll over yet … might get a very short pullback, but the weekly seems way too strong right now to get much from a short. Just my read, and I’m sure not a ‘guru’ !!

  40. Great video Hubert. I always enjoy and learn from your videos.
    Thank you.

  41. Vincent says:

    Excellent post as usual Hubert. Thanks.

  42. Love to see the excellent video as always, Thanks Hubert for the great information.

  43. always good content and strategies to think about

    thanks hubert

  44. Yes, would love to see the video
    Thank you for all you do!

  45. Neal & Marsha S. says:

    Hubert, We’d love to see your raw footage on the XLU. It is always educational to learn new tricks. We could call the short proceeds a “dividend in reverse”.

  46. Will watch this one. With a rise in interest rates, this could be awesome!

  47. Stephen Mapes says:

    Looks like good opportunity for atleast a scalp

  48. Hubert,
    The unedited monthly video newsletter would be much utilized and appreciated. As you say, “I hope it helps”… I can categorically testify that it surely does indeed. You are are a refreshing spring
    that constantly overflows with income generating, technical trading insights. My humble gratitute.

  49. Satinder says:

    It did move down today, very good analysis, i am learning a lot from your analysis. Thanks

  50. Michael says:


    Thank you for this trade idea and all your education!

  51. Rafael says:

    I wonder how this turn of event will affect $ED

  52. Thank you Hubert I always enjoy and learn from you.

  53. Hubert… you are the best. I will take the trade and would appreciate your doing more with stocks and ETs. Thanks

  54. Audrey says:

    Thanks for all your videos. They have been so helpful to me.

  55. Fantastic job Hubert. It’s a pleasure to see how trading is your second skin and all comes so natural

  56. I like this heads up play, especially with a red candle high. Thanks Hubert.

  57. Just do it!

  58. Hubert,
    What do you think about buying a put option?

  59. Right on Hubert, thanks for all your help.

  60. Sign me up please.

  61. Yolanda says:

    Thanks Hubert, I appreciate the education that you are offering us. The trading tips are very useful. Great video as always.
    Thank you.

  62. Thanks for your trade ideas. Love to see your newsletter.

  63. All your comments are great

  64. Randy Dotson says:

    I would definitely like to see your monthly newsletter. You always do great analysis. No one is always right and what I really appreciate about your analysis are the clearly defined profit and stop-loss levels. DANGER Will Robbinson …. lol.

  65. I have found your analysis & recommendations to be very good in the past. Would like to see the video newsletter

  66. would love to see full version … dean

  67. david young says:

    always find sum gem in ur presentations; wud luv to get total pkg

  68. Gerald S. says:

    Hubert, Thanks for another timely trade suggestion and for making the raw newsletter available to us. All the best to you!!!!

  69. on mOnthly needs confirmation,are you looking for a pullback to the 200ma or % to a fibs #?

    otherwise looks pretty agressive since its been in a big rally with sign of selling just yet….thanks….

  70. Manuel M says:

    Good idea to have this comments.

  71. Hubert,
    Thanks for the tip. Have a great day!

  72. Love to see anything you have done where I can make money.

  73. Just trying to learn. Thanks, PY

  74. Thierry P says:


    Thank you for the trade idea. I always love to hear your comments and no BS!

  75. Terry T says:

    Appreciate your knowledge and training of the markets, thanks for daily videos keep them coming they are very helpful for my trading.

  76. Ken Dixon says:

    Any opportunity to gain from your insight will not pass me by. I bet by looking into some of your long-term analysis and intuition, it will help to turn on some lights regarding the trading tactics you have been so helpful with. Thanks!

  77. I enjoy listening to your comments and find it very educating (most of the time) LOL

  78. paul montuori says:

    Hi Hubert,
    I like your suggestion on shorting PEG. I hope it goes down faster than it went up. It has an ATR less than 1/2 but then maybe I am too impatient.

  79. Thanks for yet another generous offer, Hubert. Please send.

  80. it s time to get in short, why not PEG, beautiful daily candle, maybe reversal

  81. Yes, I would like to see the video you just finished. Thanks.

  82. johnathan says:

    Please send recording.


  83. Yes I am interested in viewing the video. Ty

  84. Tom Stevens says:

    Looks like a good technical play, but with the masses buying dividend paying stocks such as utilities, couldn’t PEG continue up as a ‘safe haven’ buy?

  85. Hubert, This looks great. Would love to see the video.

  86. I very much appreciate actionable content and feel lucky you are willing to share it with us. Thank you for that.

    -ralph braseth

  87. Yes, I would like to see the video you just finished. Thanks

  88. Good idea on PEG or XLU, and great offer. You are a man with ideas, Hubert. I wish I had signed up for the tech analysis workshop.

  89. I like it.

  90. I look foreward to your nightly videos. They are bullet point presentions. Thanks for your work, and giving us great information.

  91. hubert is helping me through the easy trades (not always as easy as it seems) and really starting to improve my trading accuracy.

  92. jackie says:

    Hubert love your stuff i watch everything you send and play the ones i can do with options an most are winners thanks so much an please keep them coming

  93. Harish says:

    Hello Hubert,

    Thanks for the insight about utilities being so far from the 200 MA as something to look out for. As usual, great information. Thanks for all your help.

  94. John Ashby says:

    Hubert, Thank you for sharing your insights and experience with us. I alwys find your presentations valuable understandable. Please add my name to the list of video recipients.

  95. Monique says:

    Hubert, I woul like to receive that video. Thank you for all.

  96. thanks for all your insights hubert, they are alway a big help

  97. Love to see the entire video

  98. Kamalakar says:

    Instead of shorting the stock would it not be simpler to buy PEG puts?

  99. Another great tip! Look forward to the video. Thanks

  100. Under-promise, over-deliver as usual. Please send video!

  101. An interesting concept…. Would you also sell calls against this as well? Would also enjoy your video presentation. Thanks for everything.

  102. Hubert,
    It great when you share trades like this, I’m sure I wouldn’t have found this one on my own.

  103. with what indicators to know that PEG has been extended overbought?

  104. Mr. Senters: Interesting strategy. There is no doubt that the utility sector is overbought, as is the entire “Low Volatility” space (review the comparison chart of SPY versus the “low vol” SPY). It might be helpful to viewers to be reminded that 1) the market can remain irrational longer than one’s capital can hold out on a short and 2) when a dividend is paid out while one is short, the broker will take the dividend from your account (XLU has 3.6% yld; PEG a 4%).

  105. I have followed you for so long and have never seen any longer trades you believe in. It would be great to hear at least by inference some fundamental outlooks you have.

  106. Jim Haas says:

    Great video Hubert. I love your strategy and I am going for it with PEG and not the ETF. Would like for you to share more of this good stuff. Hope to get the PDF. Thank you for sharing with us

  107. Thanks for offering us your insight and strategy in shorting utilities.

  108. I like…’s nice……

  109. Chris Brock says:

    Very Interesting shorting PEG. It has gone up ENUF!! but how do you ‘calculate’ your S/Loss and PT1 and PT2…. I wanna know! thanx

  110. Barbara Star says:

    Hubert –
    I always enjoy your work so I would love to see the unedited video – Can’t imagine how you find the time to do it all

  111. Mary Ellen Reese says:

    All your stuff helps, Hubert! I’m a big fan. Not only do your trades work, they are clearly and patiently explained. Please send me your video picks. This one looks delish…and if it isn’t, the stop is nice and tight!

  112. Like this setup

  113. Please do show us the unedited video. I think it will be very informative. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with us!

  114. Nice setup. I will try it.

  115. Silvana says:

    Thanks Hubert, I would love to see the video, you’ve been a great mentor, I make sure I watch everything you do, can’t wait for next week’s class, see you then

  116. Kim Melhus says:

    Hi Hubert,
    Always find your trading videos useful and timely, appreciate your unique insight in the markets. This trade makes sense, a lot of overbought stocks at this time.

  117. Hubert’s videos provide specific actionable content, with insight into his rationale for the trades he discusses, and have propelled my trading forward.

  118. I would love to see the video.

  119. James Moore says:

    I love your work and would be very interested in seeing your monthly news letter.

    Thanks for the offer

  120. Thanks Hubert

  121. Bill Wright says:


    Like your clear concise explanations. I assume your PEG short is based off sector rotation. If you get a chance would love to hear your thoughts on that. Thanks for sharing…..

  122. PEG – i am on board

  123. Thanks for the stock tip!

  124. Ron Easton says:

    Good logic…higher rates will cause the Utilities to crash and burn. May take some time but this looks like a good short entry piont. Would love to see the video. Thanks.

  125. Look forward to video

  126. Would love to see the raw footage!

  127. Enjoyed the video on PEG. Would like to see the newsletter.

  128. Frank Houghton says:

    This was a good trade, and I would like to review your video. Thank you.

  129. Tom Walters says:

    You are one of the few who produces down to earth and well explained nightly videos. Can’t wait to see what you have to say in the “raw footage”!

  130. Thanks for sharing with trade idea. Would like to hear the full video.

  131. Gwendolyn says:

    Thank you Hubert for all your good comments. Would love to see the video.

  132. thanks for sharing, interested to see raw video.

  133. Looks good to me. I would like to see video.

  134. John Clement says:

    I liked your brief discussion of this and would like to hear more. I didn’t know that utilities were a tradeable future.

  135. Great Idea. Thanks for raw video offer. It is gratefully accepted.

  136. AtlantaDave says:

    Hi Hubert, I have learned so much from you about gold and inter-day trades! Now, I need some help with swing trades in my IRA. Please send me the link to your latest video. Thanks for sharing your “country smarts”!

  137. Hubert,
    I would love to have a look at one of your longer term (for IRA) trades. Please release the raw footage! THANKS

  138. Hi Hubert,
    Thanks for the info and looking forward to the new letter

  139. brian fitzmaurice says:

    Hubert, yes would like more info. Always appreciate your insight.
    Thank you.

  140. Interesting, as always Hubert. I’d love to see the whole video…

  141. Always enjoying your work!

  142. Go for it, Hubert! We would love to see it.

  143. Hubert
    Great way to define the overbought condition. I like the trade advice witht the sector and the stock.. Almost a 2 for 1 trade. I lear so much from these short videos. Wish I could attend the May 7-9 class but time constraints make it impossible

  144. Hubert,
    I love your information. You make more sense of all those I run across. Keep up the good work and, Yes I would like to see the full video of the monthly newsletter or what ever it is called.

  145. Short? I don’t see a signal. This seems to violate the rules you have taught us over the years.

  146. sudhir says:

    Dear hubert,

    I love your videos but I want to see more of forex related one too.

    Kind regards,

  147. Andrew says:

    would be great to see the video.

    Thanks so much!

  148. Dave M. says:

    I would love to see the recording too as I grew up in N. J. where PEG was my utility go. You got so much great stuff Hubert & thanks so much for all you give us.

  149. Great info, thank you for sharing. Please send me full version…

  150. Dennis says:

    Great info as usual. Appreciate all your free videos

  151. Mehmet says:

    I would really like to see that video.

  152. Would love to see it

  153. Philippe Caenen says:

    Sounds great Hubert, I love your work!

  154. Hube,

    I watch your short videos daily. Great idea for a longer one. Thanks.

  155. Over charge and overbought great to short this utility.

  156. You have a wealth of knowledge. i would appreciate a copy of the video.


  157. Kerk LeBlanc says:

    Thanks Hubert. Good stuff, I will take the trade.

  158. Thanks Hubert. Your always teaching. I’m constantly learning.

  159. Interesting, aren’t utilities a safe haven in a falling market?

  160. Definitely will look @ this one. Good job as always, Hubert.

  161. Interesting idea but TTM trend and squeeze don’t confirm this idea for time frames longer than about five minutes. I’d use tight stops if you elect to try this.

  162. Jim Belden says:

    You rock Hubert! Love to see the extra, raw video.

  163. As always, valuable insight into a trade that I is not on my radar screen.

  164. GARY LYNN says:

    5/2/13 PEG @ 11:00 AM 36.39
    Yes Please send report! You have a lot of good stuff!
    I love the Squeeze & TTM indicators.

  165. norberto says:

    I would live the video.
    You always have great ideas

  166. As always we want any educational information available and
    yours is some of the best .

  167. Yes would like to see the video

  168. christian L says:

    Hubert would love to see video Thank you so much

  169. I would love to see/hear anything you have to offer. I listen, absorb, understand and learn but I still can’t make any money. If I keep listening, maybe I will get it before I go broke. Send whatever you can. Thanks for all your guidance, Dan

  170. The ex-dividend date is June 5 and the short seller gets to pay the dividend.

  171. Thanks for all you do Hubert. You get out of life what you give and not what take. I think you are rich in many ways. Yes, please send me your video. I love the way you teach. My account has grown slowly over the past 4 months since I started learning from you. It’s a steady upward curve when you average it out. There are downs but more ups than downs. Thanks, Ed

  172. Larry Bruch says:

    sounds like a good idea.

  173. Loius Catalano says:

    Hubert I would like to receive the video.
    Thanks for your patient help in all your past videos.

  174. very nice. thanks for sharing

  175. I find your work very helpful and will watch PEG. I would also like to see the follow up video. Thanks.

  176. All your videos are good and I look forward to your upcoming video.


  177. John Felcher says:

    Thanx for the video Hubert, you are always interesting and would appreciate a look at your video.

  178. Isaac Benderly says:

    Great analysis .send me a all your videos.

  179. Great trading idea. Thanks.

  180. Just started looking at Ichimoku Cloud and came upon your website. Really like your analysis.

  181. You are the man Hubert. I love your down home style of teaching. I know you have heard it before but I’ll say it anyway. Thank you for your giving heart. I would love to receive the monthly news letter, video. In other words, I’d love to hold the cat while you skin it. I hope I’m not to late to get on the list. Again, thanks.

  182. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and ideas Hubert

  183. Thank you very much, Hubert! Would that I had discovered you long ago.

  184. Thanks for the info. Looking forward to the next one.

  185. thanks Hubert I will follow this trade, nice simple set up.


  186. Always interested in your views and will appreciate receiving your video.

  187. Kenneth Jodrey says:

    can not say any more then all other people, but you are a great teacher love the videos thank you. Ken

  188. Mike B. says:

    Hubert –
    Liking all your content for a good while – very educational and precise data presented. Would love to see video and how to get access to others. Keep up the great work.

  189. Hubert, as always I appreciate your ideas and insights. Would love to review the raw video tool

    I have learned so much from taking your Bond Bootcamp!

  190. Great video, thanks.

  191. As always, great information from you. I would love to get the video.

  192. Mahendra Chauhan says:

    nice and timely video

  193. Looking forward to the video, thanks for efforts.

  194. James Harlin says:

    Thanks for the lead on the overbot utilities. Would appreciate the video.

  195. Very good analysis on the investment. I sure would like to get more. Thanks.

  196. Hubert, as always good analysis and interesting points. The entire video would be great.

  197. William Sims says:

    Please do it!

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