Earnings Date for Stocks

Earnings for stocks can make you or break you.
If you trade a lot of stocks it can be hard to keep track of everything.

Here is what I use.

What do you use?
Remember to leave your vote or a comment below.



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Hubert Senters is Co-Founder of TradeTheMarkets.com, CEO of Never Quit Media Media Editor-in-Chief of HubertSenters.com


  1. Dave Habbick says:

    That sure does help.
    Thank you once again for another gem of info.

  2. brian fitzmaurice says:
  3. Mary Ellen Reese says:

    I like EarningsWhispers.com.

  4. mark watson says:

    earningswhisper,com is great

  5. Hubert, In this market, perhaps a Wigi Board is better suited.

    hope it helps you,

  6. earnings.com and earningswhisper.com

  7. Best for me. I can type in a ticker or list of tickers and get the dates so I not have to search thru a day’s or weeks list to get what I want.

  8. finviz

  9. See briefing.com>calendars>earnings
    You may have to register first, but it’s free.

  10. Steve Driver says:

    I previously used bloomberg but have recently changed to earnings.com

  11. Hi Hubert,
    I have been using yahoo but will check out earnings and am curious to find out the results of this survey when it’s finished!!

  12. I learn more from Hubert Senters plus enjoy his style

  13. Hubert, I do use Earnings.com, but i also use Finviz,com. Finviz has a nice screener that allows some useful filtering. I can also then export that list to excel, copy the symbols, and paste them into a TOS watchlist. From there i can sort by whatever i want, eliminate those i dont need and work on what i have left.

  14. Dave Peachy says:

    Primarily Earnings.com and my broker’s website. However, they sometimes dissagree so must check the company’s investors relation page for the true skinny.

  15. C. Michael Croston says:

    Hello Hubert,
    I’ve used The Street’s calendar, but it’s time consuming. Per your recommendation, I’ve been using Earnings.com. It’s fast but there’s a lot to sort through. I appreciate this polling (especially for something other than politics).

    I have a question, but I don’t want to get off track, so to whomever reads this, please don’t answer. I don’t want to be disruptive.

    One thing I would like to know is where is the best place to get earning’s results. It seems the consensus number’s are never consistent. I wish someone would simply print the estimate and actual top and bottom lines, then a little detail . That may be a good poll question down the line. Didn’t mean to chew your ear off. Have a good one.

  16. Hubert,
    This interaction with you is great. If you lived nearer,
    I’d bring you some homemade cookies.,…….oops, no
    you are looking marvelous with the loss of weight.
    Stay away from the cookies and have a smoothie of
    vegetables and Blue Diamond Almond Breeze. More
    calcium than milk, no soy. But I will consent to letting
    you trade Soybeans. Ha, ha.

    • Elizabeth Jesion

      No worries on the spelling I fixed it for you.
      Which is scary because I did not even catch it.
      Ahhh the joys of being dyslexic.

      Yeah I’m really liking the whole blog thing makes it more
      of a two way conversation.

      Yeah my wife is killing me with those green smoothies in the morning.


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