Turn the Change in Your Pocket into a Change in Your Life…

 With Angel Investing, it only takes one!



I have a friend, I’ll call her Kathy.   Kathy is not a trader.  She doesn’t have a trading account and doesn’t have ten or twenty or thirty thousand dollars sitting in a fund set aside for investing.  She doesn’t know a call from a put and she doesn’t have a stock portfolio.

But you know what she does have?  She has a couple hundred dollars every month in discretionary income. 

Just like most people, she earns a salary at a regular job.  She uses that money to pay her bills, buy her groceries, feed her savings account, and order Chinese food once in a while.  And then, when all that is covered, she has a couple hundred bucks left over.

She could use that money to take a trip to Vegas or buy a new pair of shoes and some earrings.  Instead, she invests in start-ups.  A couple hundred bucks at a time. 

Over the last year, she has built a portfolio of 9 different investments for a total of $1600.  She’ll keep adding to that as the opportunities come to her. 


Invest Alongside some of Silicon Valley’s Smartest and Most Successful Venture Capitalists

with absolutely no investing experience and very little investing money.


She’s using what is essentially her walking around money, her pocket change, to invest in her future.  Any one of those 9 different startups could change her life.  That’s the power of the angel investing; it only takes one.

Right now, there are over a thousand startup companies actively raising money to fund their dreams of being the next UBER or Instagram or Etsy or Pinterest. If you had a hundred thousand dollars, you could invest a hundred bucks in each one and probably at least one or two of them would end up profitable. 

And you’d probably lose money in the long run.

That’s like betting $2 on every horse in the Kentucky Derby.  Sure, you’re going to win a bet, but you aren’t likely to make any profits that way. 

Now what if you saw someone at the track, and after every race, that person went to the betting window and cashed in a winning ticket.  You’d wonder what he knew.  Does he study the racing form every day?  Is he at the track every morning watching the horses train?  Does he personally know the trainers?  Does he know which jockey just broke up with his girlfriend? 

If he was winning bets all day long, he might have been doing all those things.  That guy definitely has an advantage over the guy who just looks at the names in the program and picks one at random. 

Here’s the thing, every horse in the race is fast; that’s why they’re there! But only one will be the fastest TODAY. And to know which horse that is requires information- an unfair advantage.


Every New Idea or Product has Some Merit…

Someone saw a need or a hole in the market and thought, “This is the thing to solve that.”

In order to even get started, someone thinks it’s a good idea.  It meets some need or fills some void in the market.  They are all potential great investments.  But how do you know which one will be the best investment?  To know that, you need an advantage.  And to make the most possible return, you need an UNFAIR advantage.

You might not go to the track every morning and talk to the trainers and have a close personal relationship with the jockeys, but what if you could ask the guy who’s winning- the guy who does all those things- what he thinks? 

If he bet a thousand dollars on Little Miss Wiggles in the 4th to win, would it be worth your while to put a couple bucks down on the same horse?  Sure it would!

And while you may not have a network of Venture Capital investors, entrepreneurs, inventors, and visionaries that can clue you in on the next big breakthrough idea, I do. 

And if I could tell you what those guys think about a new start-up company and better yet, where those guys are putting their money, would that improve your chances of investing in a winner?  Of course it would!


I’ve been investing in start-ups for years.  I’m an accredited investor, and we’ll get into what that means in more detail in a little bit, but basically it means that I have proven to the SEC that I have the net worth and the income necessary to be able to join a Venture Capital fund. 

The fund that I invest in then gives money to new companies in return for a small stake in that company.  Now the fund that I invest in is called Evolve VC and it’s managed by a good friend of mine and a genuinely good guy, Kamal Ravikant. 

Kamal knows the insiders in Silicon Valley; he has dinner parties with investors, entrepreneurs, and company founders.  He tells a story about the time that he had dinner with a guy who had invested a “cool little app” called “Uber Taxi.”

He goes on to explain that he didn’t invest in that “cool little app” when he had the chance for a number of reasons.  At that time, he wasn’t an investor yet; he still thought of himself as an entrepreneur.  He was the guy that built companies, not the guy that invested in companies. 

He also explains that he has learned from that lesson.  Because the guys at that party who did invest, turned their $25,000 investment into $20 million.

But the point is, that’s one example of how Angel Investing can change your life.  If 25 thousand dollars invested in UBER turned into 20 million dollars, then a 250 dollar investment would have returned 200,000 dollars.  Maybe not enough to retire on, but it would definitely affect your life in a huge way.


I Have the Connections,

and my connections can become your unfair advantage through

“The Angel Advantage.”


Through Kamal, I’ve had some remarkable results:

Kamal heard about this new startup called “Teachable.”  He thought it was a brilliant idea and saw the traction is was getting early on.  The founder of teachable wasn’t taking anymore investments right then, but Kamal flew to New York and convinced him to take a check from our fund for $50K.  A couple years later, Teachable was sold to Hotmart.  The terms of the deal aren’t public, but reports are that they sold for $250 Million. 

All I know is that Kamal got a wire transfer from Teachable’s founders for a little over 1 million dollars.  From 50K to one Million.  Not a bad return. 

But none of these investments would earned me a single penny, if I hadn’t known about them.  You can’t win if you don’t even know what horse to bet on. 


You Need an Unfair Advantage


My advantage is Kamal.  A Silicon Valley insider who knows the investors, knows the inventors, and knows the game.  I have the advantage of knowing the guy who can fly to New York to convince the founder of a new startup to take money from us in return for a share of his company. 

 So, chances are, you don’t know someone who runs a VC fund and lives in Silicon Valley and has dinner parties with the inventor of Uber.  And even if you do know someone like that, it would likely cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars to become an investor in his or her fund. 

 If you have that kind of money laying around, go ahead and send me an email; I can put you in touch with my friend Kamal and he’ll tell you how you can join his next fund.  But if you’re like the other 95% of the people in the world.  You can’t join a fund.  Which means you don’t get the unfair advantage that I and other accredited investors enjoy. 

But… Remember Kathy? 

She doesn’t have a huge investment fund.  She doesn’t even have a small investment fund.  She certainly doesn’t have 25 grand sitting around waiting to balloon to 20 million.  But she isn’t letting that stop her. 

So, why should it stop you?

 You don’t need a massive trading account… or even a small trading account.  All you need is a couple hundred bucks every couple of months… and the Angel Advantage. 

And with those two things, you can potentially turn your pocket change in a life change!

With the Angel Advantage, you are investing in a service that gives you inside access to the founders, advisors, and investors that guide startups across the finish line for a living. 

You’ll see where the top Angel Investors in the world are putting their money and you can choose to put your Angel Investing dollars right next to theirs, a couple hundred dollars at a time.


Take the Advantage


Most people will tell you they want to retire rich, but you and I both know very few actually make it happen.

 Most people will just keep dreaming … 

While the few who are actually serious about their financial future will take action. 

Since you’re reading this, you might be one of the few special ones…. 

If I’m right and you’re still with me… 

I’m ready to send you an email with the subject line: 

Welcome to the Angel Advantage. 

Only you can decide.  You can seize this opportunity and learn from the very best how and when to invest in new startups by becoming a member of the Angel Advantage, today!

Sign Up Today and Receive


  • Access to our exclusive Angel Advantage Investing 101 Video Course
  • Instant access to any Angel Advantage picks that are open right now. These are companies that have earned my and Kamal’s personal stamp of approval.  This is where we are putting our investing dollars.
  • 12 months of angel advantage alerts. That’s access to the best Angel Investing information available for one full year.  You’ll be able to get a good start on a solid portfolio of startups.  One of which just might be the next billion dollar company.
  • 2-3 picks per quarter/ based on deal flow and availability. My team and I will be working our network of investors and founders to find the best of the best investments based on our strict criteria.

Look, some investing alert services will send out recommendations based on some algorithm that crunches numbers and runs scenarios and then spits out an alert.

Angel investing is different. You can’t just look at numbers and probabilities and spit out an outcome based on a computer program. We’re investing in people first.

My network knows the people and we talk to the principals. We look into their eyes and gauge their passion. Only after we see who’s driving each project forward… and only when we are ready to put our own hard-earned cash on the same line… will we issue an alert to you.

Kathy doesn’t have a trading account or a pile of money that she set aside for investing. She tosses $200-300 into one of our Angel Advantage recommendations every couple of months. She’s investing money that she might have otherwise spent on clothes or trips or a nice meal at a fancy restaurant. She doesn’t even miss the money, really. It’s her spending money- her pocket change.

As a member of the Angel Advantage, she gets access to the best information and the best network of deals and deal makers available. That information guides her investing dollars. $1600 dollars invested into 9 different companies. She plans to grow her portfolio to about 20 companies over the next couple of years. And every one of those companies has been hand-picked by one of the most successful venture capitalists in the business.

It’s likely that most of those companies will fail; 90% of all startups do. A few might yield a small return. There’s a high potential that at least one or two will generate enough profit to pay for her total investment. And there’s a chance that one of those picks will be the next billion dollar idea. Even if most of them fail… it only takes one.

Angel investing is not a spreadsheet game. You have to have access to the people behind the product- inventors, advisors, investors. You are investing in people first, ideas second. And without access to those people, it can be really hard to get right. The Angel Advantage gives you that access!

For the price of a nice meal or a good pair of shoes, you might just own a piece of the next Amazon, Facebook, or UBER. What would that be worth to you?

2021 May Bring Challenges That We Can’t Even Imagine,
but because we live in the United States of America, where inventors are able to sell their ideas and solutions for profit, every new social, financial, and technical problem is a potential billion-dollar solution waiting to happen.

With the Angel Advantage, you could be a part of that solution… and claim your share of the profits!

Hope it Helps,


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