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Hear what others have to say…
Dear Hubert:

“I do appreciate all you have done,and continue to do. Whether you believe it or not, you have been a large factor in my remaining in this industry. Quite some time ago, you posted on Facebook, a short little video clip while driving in your car, of the 5 steps every trader makes before reaching #1. That short little video meant more to me than you’ll ever know – it allowed me to realize that I am almost there. So, Thank You, Hubert. Thank you.“

Sincerely, Pam
Hear what others have to say…
Hi Hubert.
Just wanted to send you a quick note telling you thanks for your mentoring of us newbie traders like me. I have been with you and the other educators at TTM since day one and based on all that I learned, and a lot of patience and persistence I’m making progress. I love your gold trades, those alone have kept me in the game. Soon I hope, I’ll be making it, and be able to quit my day job and be a full-time trader.

Good Trading, Greg M.
Hear what others have to say…
Thanks for the opportunity to watch you trade this morning. That first trade was a whirlwind. What I really liked though was seeing how the ambush trade worked out….twice. I thought there is no way that price is going to fall down to the level you said it would, and yet it did. NEAT! I must need those slower trades to understand, and it was nice knowing that you had the ability to set up your trade based on the fibs.

Thanks again, Dollie A.
Hear what others have to say…
I wanted to thank you for helping me become a better trader. You don’t just show your setups to trade but you teach us how to become a full-time trader. The trading discipline is by far the most important aspect to success, you can have a great plan but without the discipline to follow the plan you don’t have a chance. With Hubert’s help I have been able to turn the corner on becoming a better trader by not taking trades that I would have taken in the past and also taking trades that ONLY meet my trading plan, this makes trading a lot less stressful. There’s no BS with Hubert, he doesn’t try to sell you different indicators and stuff you don’t need, just tells you the truth on what it takes to be successful trader!!

Thanks, John Y.
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