Hubert Senters here.

Let’s take a look at Lowe’s. Symbols is L. Obviously the entire market got smoke this Friday and Lowe’s was no exception. Looks like it’s going to head towards this target which is right here at $46.44 after that is broken then it could potentially drop to $44.65 and then down here to around $42. Let’s see if there is there any other more Lowe’s should be. Let’s just double check my math here.

Oh yeah. I mean if it breaks $42 it could fall like a stone to $36. Now, I’m not saying it is but if the market continues to sell off like it did Friday that potential opens up the floodgates for let’s round these numbers off $44-ish then after that if it breaks $42 then it could drop to about let’s not be as bearish. Let’s go $38 to $39.

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