Hubert Senters here.

Had a question from a viewer what I think about Tesla. So as of four days ago it was a decent buy signal with a potential target of $278 to $301. That’s what I think about it. It’s not a confirmation of a confirmation yet. Ideally, if you can wait for the white line on the cross above the cloud that’s a better set-up.

But it’s Tesla it’s got a nice volatility and momentum so you’re probably okay. First one, two, three bars good enough for me. I can usually go anywhere from the one to the second or the third bar you don’t have to wait for the fourth but if you’re waiting for the confirmation by the time that this lagging line gets over here this price is probably going to be here then you’re going to have wait for another pullback and then a push through so I think in this case it’s worth the risk in my opinion.

Stop-loss for me would be like $238-ish and target would be right here in this area of $278 to $301. Going to be hosting Scott Bauer for a webinar on ‘’How to Leverage Volatility.’’ If you’ve never figured out the mystery of how to trade options are the correct way with volatility this is the go-to-go guy for that. He’s going to show you how you can potentially make triple digit returns leveraging volatility on options. I’ll HYPERLINK you to the sign up page.