Hubert Senters here.

Let’s take a look Tesla. We’ve got updated numbers because now we’ve got new ways we can draw the lines. We can one, two, three or you can go one, two, three. I’m going to do the most recent one. I think it’s going to give us a little more accurate reads.

We’re going to go low here, high there, high or low. Next target $565, $594 and $611. I’m going to do other way to and see if we have any overlap. One, two, three no overlap so I’m going to go with that one.

Heads up, tomorrow we’re going to be giving away $1500. You do have to play the win so you do have to be there to win the portion of $1500. But all you have to do is go over tradeoff. I’ll link you there in the end of this video.

Click this big blue button that says SIGN UP. Put in your information and you now have an account and then tomorrow from 10 to 11 we’re going to have two mock demos. We’re going to do an education thing first about 20 minutes and teach you how to trade a thing.

And then give you enough time to setup an account. If you don’t do it now, do it now so you don’t waste your time tomorrow. We’re going to have two mock games. They’ll be real game so it’s not going to pay out on game one and game two. We’re going to pay out on game three.

The first game is going to be three minutes of speed trading. Then we’re going take a minute break and then we’re going to do another three minute speed trading round. With your buy it can kind of, you know, work the kings out of this thing and make sure you know what you’re doing.

And then the third game at like 10:40 or 10:45 that’s when you’re going to compete for your share of the $1500. We’re going to payout the top the 40 percent whatever the Math is. I’m not that smart and I’m sure you have that calculator on you. Knock yourself out.

I will HYPERLINK you to the end of this video to the tradeoff registration page where you just hit SIGN UP.

Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video.