Hubert Senters here. Let’s get an update target on some Zoom. Symbol is ZM. The covid stock. Is it me or do I feel like the covid shit has lasted like decade already? It is like the more you get isolated you’re just like and heads up, I’m a hermit. Genetically, I don’t like being around with lots of people with loud rooms and lots of people. Not my preferred spot more ever be. I’d rather be at the house chilling and doing my thing. But anyway reply back if you think you’ve aged a little bit. Maybe a little bit healthy that’s good. But it seems like the time is passing both slow and fast at the same time. And you’re just like freaking out a little bit. Every now and then you’re just sometimes you crave being around with people. Let’s take a look at Zoom. Sorry about the little mini rant there. Let’s go one, two, three, four target on Zoom. Actually I think I’m doing slightly better not it’ll be perfect for it. Couple different ways you can grab it. We’re going to go right here. We’re going to go one, two, three. Next target for Zoom $550, $604, $658 and $692. I’m going to be speaking tomorrow 11AM EST on how to find trades like this where it’s either above the cloud here or if it does an X pattern trade where it crisses and crosses right there. And how you can scan for it really quickly with a couple of clicks. And I will walk you through how some of this cloud stuff works too. I’ll HYPERLINK you to that registration page. Come over and check it out tomorrow at 11AM EST. I will be over there. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.