Hubert Senters here. It looks like Zoom’s revenue more than quadruple from last year obviously because everybody’s stuck at home. The hot new thing is to get into GotoWebinar room or a Zoom room, a skype chat or something like that. Zoom’s one of the best most proper ones obviously earnings. Clearly it’s up $48 right now and continues after the hours market. The cool thing about that is let me show you how you could have found this thing super simple with using the cloud. What we’re going to do is I’m going to change this to regular session. And then I’m going to go right down here to a daily chart and then you can see look at me opportunities you could have used just with the cloud alone. You could have gotten long back in here. And then anytime it touches the purple and goes back above the yellow is the signal that I like too. I’m going to go so there’s a long one, long two, long three, long four, five, six and then here it touches the cloud that’s another good signal and then there’s seven. So you get seven chances to get long in this creature. Now, it’s probably going to go substantially higher. I would put a bracket on it tomorrow and then wait for it to break the bracket so Zoom’s on the move. Tesla’s on the move. After their stocks split that thing is going to go higher too. So obviously two of the hottest stocks right now. If you’re not trading them. You might want to look at them. I’ve been asked to speak at ”Trading the Moment” seminar multi-speaker event tomorrow. I will be on at 10AM EST. And I will walk you through how you can use the cloud to find these types of trades. I’m going to HYPERLINK you the registration page. If you give in your email they’ll save a spot over there and they’ll also going to give you a book that we all contributed to the chapter to. I think I contributed to the video and they turned it into text so I’m not sure what everybody else did but it’s probably something like that. Here are all the speakers when they’re speaking about, what they’re speaking about and you’ve all been to these things before. You know how that run. I’ll see you tomorrow at 10AM EST. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.