Hubert Senters here. Another day another target met fo Zoom so we were looking at $477. And then we also had a couple low and then we get targets in there. One of those has been hit the second or I should say the third target has been hit here at $529. It did pullback after that so you might be looking at a little bit more of a pullback before it hits $598 and then $642. So how you figure that stuff out is usually I’ll just do is I’ll just laid my numbers down here with horizontal lines so I’ll know what points I’m going for my overall targets in this trade set-up. And then I’ll remove the ones that I’ve already hit. Remove that one. And remove that one. And then from here I’ll go from point one low to point two high. And then I’ll say I’ll probably going to get a retracement before I fire back up through there so. What I’ll do is right here click that fibonacci retracement and say we could potentially pullback to $457 to $451 before we go to $597. Now, we may not. We may just continue on going up through a target there that we’ve just hit today and hit $597. But nothing goes straight up and nothing goes straight down so you’re looking for this type of move up, pullback up. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.