Hubert Senters here.

Let’s take a look at EA and Activision. Now, full disclosure I’m going to be sending this video out to you probably on Monday. I’m recording on a Sunday. I’m headed to two day mastermind meeting so that’s why my price action is probably not going to be live because markets closed on Sunday.

And if you’re looking at this video on Monday the prices are going to be higher or lower so a couple of things here interesting. EA looks like death one go over. Even if the market is bouncing this thing is not bouncing much. You would think it would pretty much do the same thing the markets doing it’s not which implies that it’s a lot weaker than the market.

It’s probably going to break through the $70 area on the way to $60. Same thing for Activision, ATV. And you would think around the holidays likely to play games and stuff and this is the two big game manufacturers Activision, NEA. Neither one of them look healthy at all.

Activision acts like it wants to go down below $40 on the way to $35 so be careful if you are long or if you want to play the short side. Obviously, that looks pretty good at this point. I just thought it was odd because it went totally against my fundamental thinking of like well, this guy should do great around Christmas because everybody and his brother wants to buy those games for the kids usually.

I’m reminding you about the webinar that I’m going to be doing live again on Wednesday at 8PM EST. Once again we’ve had two so far there has been. Well, this is 8,647 registrants. Some of those are probably duplicates. You can see the registrations here 4,368.

This one maxed out says 1,217 that’s just with people logging in and out. It maxed out at a thousand. You can see it did that. And then here on this one it maxed out at 1,300 just people logging in and out. I’m going to hold another live on Wednesday. Hopefully, we can get most of the people that haven’t been able to see this thing yet on Monday.

If not we’ll try to figure out something else to do. Anyway, I’m going to HYPERLINK you to this webinar. GotoWebinar only holds a thousand. I record these webinars for legal purposes just to see why I cover my ass in case someone thinks they hear me say you can invest 5,000 and make a billion dollars by 2019 which I would never say but I just do it to protect myself but I’m not sending the recording now so you have to come to the webinar to see the information.

Good luck. Hope it helps. I’ll see you on the next video.