Hubert Senters here. Let’s do an update on Kroger. Yesterday, it was at around $37.46. It got to a high of about $43 today and pullback so hopefully you made money on the trade. Now, I do a bunch of different videos depending on what content I provide for several different side that I’m either an investor, a partner in or if somebody just publishing me on another site. I do about seven videos every day like this. You may or may not seen the video that I did yesterday because your video that I sent you yesterday was based upon Kroger. On one of them that I did yesterday I was talking about the Reddit thread called Wall Street bets and why Gamestop moving. And I told that list on that piece of content I said hey, I’ve also found and identified a couple of others that nobody else has really talking about yet. So if you want to trade those they’ll probably do basically the same thing that Gamestop is doing. Just be careful because the stuff goes vertical up. And it can go vertical down and haunt you down and kill you. So it’s speculative. It’s risky. These are momentum place off of a Reddit thread. So after hours and hours of research I gave two of them yesterday and said BlackBerry. Yes. It’s Blackberry the phone. And then also Nokia. Yes. Nokia the phone. And then they both took off from yesterday and today so I have identified five others that are doign the exact same thing that will probably have the potential that will make you some money. I’ve also figured out how to siff through all of the Reddit comments and find the ones that are most mentioned. So if you’re interested I dont’ have anything planned this is just off the cuff. If you’re interested I’ll do a webinar in the next few days and show you how you can potentially profit from that. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to do a special webinar and just go hey, let’s take a look at the markets what all the markets are doing. Let’s find some new fresh longs, new fresh shorts. And then I’ll talk about the technique and the tactic for using Wall Street bets. Most talked about stocks that can potentially pop like that this. If you’re interested in that thing. If I get enough YES I’ll throw that together either this week or next week depending on the time frame. Hopefully you like this video. Hopefully you’ve made some money on it and if you didn’t just let us know. But what I’m looking for is give me a YES if you would like to see me do that webinar and show you how you can find them. It’s a lot of work or I can help find them for you. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.