Hubert Senters here. Let’s go through a tactic or a strategy that you can use for better entries. So this can be done several different ways. I want to walk you through one or two here. So first you get something that’s moving up in a vertical type of move obviously either trending higher or trending lower. In this case we’ve got MRNA. It’s trending higher. And you see this nice little vertical move. A lot of times what you can do is you can time a pullback. So how you do that is you take the most recent little swing low I’m going to call it that and then the most little swing high right there and then you’ll place a fib on it. So you can go point one and then point two. And you can see that this sold off into this zone at $135 to $125 and then bounce out there. It’s called an ambush trade. Another way that you can do it is you can look this is an uptrending equity or stock. You are going to mark the high point. That’s your high right there. And then your most recent low point right here. This is going to be your most recent low point right here. And all you’re looking for is on that low point like on this scandal here. That’s the low and that’s the high of that low bar so let’s mark this again. So mark the low and then here is the high. So all you have to do is if you have an upswing and then a pullback you try to find the low candle and then all you need in order to get long is a close above or a trade above $149.43. That will do it for you. I know it sounds confusing. It’s not after you’ve traded a while. Another thing you can do is you can have it selloff to the turning line and then bounce off the turning line. It will potentially take out its high at $180. Good luck. Hope it helps. And practice on your entry tactics. Hubert.