Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at the market. So a common question that a lot of people will ask is ‘’oh my goodness where can I hide it right when the market sells off?’’ You can’t really hide anywhere. You can go on cash but you can’t hide. I guess some people just don’t look at their portfolio and they go like ‘’whatever, it’s going down.’’ If you’re a long term investor that’s just fine. If you’re a short term to medium term investor that stuff will wipe you out. So what you got to do is you got to figure out if the indexes don’t look like they’re your friend right now because they’re — to be honest with you, they can go a little sketchy like this. It’s hard trying to figure out, are these suckers going to go up, are these going to go down. Today it went down. So if you look at the Dow, if you look at the S&P, had a bad day. You look the Nasdaq, Nasdaq didn’t sell-off as bad. I mean you could potentially move your money in the Nasdaq. But if the Dow and S&P continue to get pulled down underneath the surf, the Nasdaq will eventually do that too because there’s no way it can. Usually, in places that people go is they will go to the bond market and they did a little bit today but not much because you’ve got a little bit of a different thing going on there where the interest rates are going to continue to rise. These things will be forced to go lower. So it’s not a safe place to hide. So default way, cash is a good place to go to, bond is not the greatest right now, it’s going to bounce and then it’s going to roll back over. Another place a lot of people will go to will be gold. And that didn’t really pan out today either. So you can do another thing if you don’t want to go in cash and bonds are on a good play and gold is not a good play then what you do is you figure out something else that is going up for you as opposed to going down against you. And right now, in my opinion and I’m not saying this is a safe play. I’m just saying this is another place to be to actively see if you can make some money would be in the in the agriculture markets if you ate something with say corn in it, there’s corn. If you ate something with soya in it, there’s soy or if you like the wheat market, there’s wheat. So as all the rest of the markets are adjusting, these things are going vertical up. So take a look at that and if you don’t trade futures like I do, don’t worry, you can trade CORN which — let me see. I can’t type CORN. There you go. It’s going to mere corn a lot if you want to be a little bit more broad based in your approach. DBA is an agriculture or fun ETF. So there’s a couple of ideas for you. Good luck. Hope it helps. And I’ll see you on the next video. Hubert.