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Where To Get Program Trading Numbers

In yesterday’s video I’m going to give a head start. I’m going to go over to program trading. You can see I’ve already searched for it several times. Program trading dot com and then you just scroll down here and look for the actual URL if you are lazy like me and there’s program trading. You can also bookmark it so that’s one of your favorites on Google Chrome or Firefox or whatever browser you use.

I’m going to click on Today’s Program Trading Buy/Sell Levels because that’s what I want to know. And if you don’t go to that direct page what you’re going to do is click on this BuySell. I always go to this page though. And then what you’re going to look for is did they update today? Now, I’m doing this video on a Friday so Friday, July 23rd because I’m on vacation.

And as you’re viewing this evergreen content. And then I’m going to scroll down here and this is really the only information I need from this website. Our computers are set for program buying at $-6.80. And set for program selling at $-9.60 I’m going to write these numbers. I’m going to make sure number one that it has been updated with a current day and date.

That way I know their numbers are accurate and updated. And then I’m going to come down here and grab this program buying is set to $-6.80. And set for program selling at $-6.90. So I’ll write down $-6.80, $-9.60. I’ll write those down and then I take those and I’ll place them on the chart. In tomorrow’s video I’m going to show you exactly what chart you have to place this on in order to see the buys and the sells.

Mark Helweg is doing a special webinar on The Invisible High Dollar Pattern Saturday, July 24th at 10AM EST. He’s going to cover these three things and much more. The two critical steps to improve profit performance. Exact formula for getting your win/loss ratio in check. 24 months of mind blowing proof that it works.

In order to register for the webinar all you have to do is click this little button right here that says CLAIM MY SPOT NOW. First name, primary email address and if you want us to remind you with either audio, voice or a text we will do that with our reminder system.

Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video.


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