Hubert Senters here. Had some questions from some viewers on what I thought about Zoom. The question was where do you buy this thing at? So it’s in a massive uptrend. It has been for quite some time. As you can see it crossed above the cloud back in here. 2020 so right here around January. It’s been going up. It’s going to pull back obviously because everything pulls back. Nothing can go straight up straight down forever so the first potential buy is actually right now at $264. The second area of pullback will be $238.56. That little purple line. If neither of those hold and then it will have a decent shot of drop into about $206-ish. If you bought it today you just have to make sure you use a stop and see if it’s going to bounce back up through your initial entry. I like the purple one better just because it tends to be a nice little pullback. It scares out some of the weak longs and it gives you a little bit better of a discount so I would wait for the $238 area with a tight stop-loss. And then my target would be to take out $280. Hubert.