Hubert Senters here. Got a question from Tom. Bitcoin has been a little volatile lately. Where do you see it going? Cryptos in general are always volatile. But they have been active lately. It’s almost like a lot of people are shifting from Gold and moving into cryptos and stuff. One thing I would against is be careful. I would stay away from. We call them shit coins because most of them are going to be worthless. So I would focus on the three to five that you think you’re going to make it same way that you think like uber will make it and lift will make it. You don’t really hear about the third one so I would focus on bitcoin, ETHE, ETH, Zcash, Ripple. Those would be the top four I would go for. And there’s a few others in that list. But it’s probably going to go to $20,000. You can chart it a couple of different ways. You can do them believe it or not. There’s Bitcoin Futures. It has already forecasted that it’s going to go through $20. It’s touched $20 a couple of times. So if you look at the futures price and then you compare that to the cash price which is on this chart. You could see right now it’s at $19,091. I think it’s got a pretty good shot of going to $20,000 or maybe even little higher. But my initial target would be $20,000 for bitcoin. And for Ethe would be north of $610 or $620. That’s where I think those are headed. Trade Thirsty is having a special webinar on how you can potentially find the $100 billion stocks. That sound massive but they all start out either non-profitable or going profitable in the business. This is about picking a portfolio that will grow overtime. The Construction of the 2-to-100 Club: How to Find the Next $100 Billion Stocks. Believe it or not it’s not that hard. You just have to put in a little work and go over to JC and he’ll show you how he finds those creatures. Good luck. Hope it helps. I’ll HYPERLINK you to the page. Hubert.