Hubert Senters here. A lot of questions on bonds because we’ve been doing a training boot camp promotion which starts June 18th for bond training boot camp. And the question is ‘’when is the best time to trade bonds?’’ Well, there’s no such thing as best in trading. There’s better but there’s no best. They open up at 6PM EST and they close at 5PM EST. That’s if you’re going to trade them electronically on your screens at your house or your office which most of you are going to do. And then the open outcry which there actually is still about eight guys down in the pit at the CME, they trade the suckers at 8:20AM EST is when they open and then they close at 3PM EST. So like I said there’s no best. I will tell you when I prefer to trade them but that may not be when you want to trade them so. I mean personally, I like to trade them at two different timeframes so I like to trade them at 8:20AM in the morning until about 10AM. I like that timeframe. That’s a lot and I’ll do one or two trade setups right there in that set-up. Now, you don’t have to trade it from 8:20AM EST to 10:00AM EST. You can just trade it from 8:20AM EST and about 9AM EST and you’ll be just fine. Another time is after they open back up at 6PM I will usually throw another trade on before I go to bed so I usually start looking at them around 7PM EST anywhere from 7PM to 10PM EST at night is when depending obviously, I’m not going to bed at 7PM EST. But I’ll look at them if we’re going out to dinner or something like that. Then I’ll come back and look at them right before I go to bed. You could probably tighten it up but I used to trade bonds about three hours a day depending on what’s going on. I still watched them throughout the day but I may not trade them depending on what’s going on. So those are the time frames that I like to trade. They are by no means the best. There is no such thing as the best time to trade them. There’s no best set-up. It depends on what you can get yourself to do and how you can manipulate your psychology to trade the markets and stuff like that. But those are the markets that I prefer. I like them. First, thing in the morning really early 8:20 to 9:30 to 10:00 and then in the evening I’ll act to trade them anywhere from 7PM to 11PM EST And it’s not that whole swath of time. I’ll just look at them really quick before I go to bed and say ‘’oh, they’re an uptrend, oh, they’re downtrend and then I’ll place my trade accordingly. Anyway, I hope that helps. Good luck. And I’ll see you on the next video. Hubert.