Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at an updated set of targets on Tesla. Obviously, it’s already hitting some of them and you’re probably taking some profits which is not a bad ideal. So you’ve had a nice little run up as being added to the S&P. The theory of after it’s added to the S&P it might pullback a little bit so just be aware of that. Bump your stop up to something you’re comfortable with. The next targets that we’re going to keep in tack and just let’s see how the trade place out. It’s going to be $728 and $756. Today, it hit the target of $684 so we’re good there. Once again, next target is $728, $756. Steven Brooks is doing I think is the last webinar on this particular topic on How to Generate Weekly Income with Options. One of the simples trading strategies I’ve ever seen. Do not let that swade you in taking it’s not effective. It’s very effective because it’s so simple. So How to Generate Weekly Income with Options Saturday, December 19th at 10AM EST. Good luck. Hope it helps. I’ll HYPERLINK you to the registration page. Hubert.