Hubert Senters here. Got a question from Rick. Hubert, WYNN was up good today and went outside the upper Bollinger Band. In the past it went outside, it had a few down days afterwards. What do you see? Thanks. Rick. So Rick, let’s take a look. I don’t use Bollinger Band as much I used to back in the past but I use Ichi. And I can walk you through that. I can add Bollinger Band and see what it looks like. Let’s go Bollinger and see if we’re talking about the same thing. Yeah. So upper band was yesterday pullback today. Usually when you do that it will come to the median line. It’s right there at about $99.39. I would say a normal pullback would be $105 to $99. Now, another way I would do it I would pull the Bollinger off. And I would look at the most recent swing low and a high on Fibs and see about where you could do it. So you go one, two. I would say to probably pullback to $105 to $103 pullback and then bounce back and go higher is what I will be looking at. And it could hit your $93 too. Because the two that I’d look for is a 50 percent retracement of the most little thrusty up or down. I’m always looking for pullbacks around the turning line which is $105 or the standard line around $91.89. But there’s also a decent number in between these two like this right here that you can go towards which should be around $118. I mean it looks good. I mean it’s gap up. It did a half a gap fill from that gap up and it’s been cruising higher. I would say overtime it will probably go higher. It’s a market proxy stock. If the market is going up it’s going to go with it a little bit. It looks okay. It’s definitely going to pullback a little bit but I think it goes higher after that. Hopefully that helps Rick. Serge Berger is going to be doing a special webinar on the Post-Vaccine Portfolio. There’s a lot of people putting out vaccines. There’s probably two main winners. It’s like anything in the industry so really quick. Ask yourself this question what is the number one ride share company? You’re probably going oh, that’s uber here in the states anyway. Who’s the next company? If you can’t get uber while you get a lift. And then if you can’t find uber a lift, who do you call? A taxi cab or a friend. Usually in any industries there’s a major winner and then you got second and then everybody else is fighting for peanuts. Third through the hundred. So Serge is going to be doing a webinar on the said strategy and I’m sure he’ll cover more of them because it’s going to be hard just to pick one. You’re going to have to just build a portfolio and then you’re hopeful and your strategy there if you build a decent portfolio of Post-Vaccine Portfolio you’ll get one or two of those big winners and that it will pay for it. So I’m going to HYPERLINK you over here. He’s webinar is going to take place Wednesday, December 9th at 4PM EST. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.