Got a question from Joanna. Hubert, Both TSLA and NVDA are selling off. TSLA had good earnings and NVDA is going to report. I’m long both stocks and don’t like the sell action. I wonder if I should just sell and keep my profit and buy back at lower prices or wait to see what happens after the election (that may drag extra 9 days because of NC) Also, where do I look to find the short interest for both stocks? Thank you Joanna. So I’m going to answer all of them except this one right here. I’ll do another video at sometime on this subject. So first let’s take a look at TSLA, Nvidia. Let’s take a look at them. Usually, after the election usually the market will go up. It may experience a little bit of down drift at first. But it will go up over time so and it’s really going to depend on. NVDA, Nvidia. Nvidia looks ok to me. It’s in the cloud. It’s bouncing out. It’s got a one day buy signal and it’s trending. Nvidia looks ok. TSLA, Tesla. Both of them look ok. Tesla didn’t look as good. And it’s really going to depend on where you’re at. If you’re in this let’s say for Tesla example. If you’re in Tesla $200 it doesn’t make a lot of sense to flip it out of here at $422 yet. Now, if you’re in this bad boy and you’re like $370 I would flip it out with and wait until after the election and then come back to it after that. Because you might be able to get it at a little bit cheaper price because usually after election market sell off a little bit and then they’ll go higher. So that’s your options as far as short interest I’ll cover that in another video. I kind of like keep these videos anywhere from a minute to two minutes so that you can consume them. Trade Thirsty is hosting Andrew Keene on his webinar on ”My Favorite Strategy for Finding the Best Options Trades.” Here’s what he’s going to be covering. Basic order flow. Best types of options trades to take. My personal trading plan. Breaking down the Greeks of the trade. Current market examples. And then he’s also going to scan the trades for you. I’m going to HYPERLINK. Looks like the webinar is taking Wednesday, November 4th at 8PM EST. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next one. Hubert.