Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at the market so the Dow rolled over $547 points. And the Nasdaq rolled over a little bit — potential rolling out of businesses and stuff like that. Overall, the Nasdaq is still in good shape. The Dow is back in the cloud.  You can see anytime the ADX drops below $20 that’s more of a non-trending environment. I’ve got a bunch of FAQs or people that are sending questions. I’m going to read off one them.  So one of them is did you have a PC and or specs that recommend for trading? I’ll show you what I use. My use case is way over bond. I usually buy a new PC every five years. Sometimes I can go as short as three years. Sometimes I can keep as long as seven years. Now, just think I run multiple monitors. On the new PC I’ve got 249 inch wide curve screens. I also max the things out on the memory. Max the things out on the processor. And I have to record these videos. I have to do webinars. I have to edit vidoes and stuff so. My use case is a little bit more severe than if you were just going to trade. So in the past I have used gaming PCs. They were pretty good from different manufacturers. Just do your research on cnet or PC Magazine and stuff like that. I’ve had a really good successful Dell so I’ll configure you a Dell. I’ll show you what my specs are and then I’ll show you like if I was just trading what I would pick. This is the new screenshot of my new windows PC machine. As you can see there’s two displays on here. They are 249 inch 51 by 1440. They’re large and unwarily sometimes so heads up on that. As far as the about on PC. Let me see here. I’ve got a PugetSystems. The manufacturer of little boutique shop. They do a lot of testing. I’m really keen on testing and making sure to make a little bit analog. I chose an AMD Ryzen 9 3950 but 16 core. That’s overkill for trading. You do not need that. Right now AMD’s processors are slightly better than. Actually a lot better than Intel for video editing and processing pattern and stuff like that. They also have for trading. I’ve got 64 gigs of ram and I have three different hard drives on this. One is for the operating system. One is for the media files. And then I have a backup. You do not need to go crazy like this. I think this PC costs like $4-5,000. Like I said that’s without monitors. What I would recommend if you’re just trading is I would just go over here to Dell and grab a Dell machine. You can do everything I just describe on laptop too. I wouldn’t recommend Apple products unless you’re a broker has good software that work on a Mac. Not all trading software is Mac friendly. Now, ThinkorSwim and interactive brokers they are all web-based so they’re pretty good.  But not all trading applications work well with Mac. For the most part there’s still PC centric business. If you go over here this is just an XPS on Dell and I’ll just come over here and grab a 1 Terrabyte of memory. Terrabyte for your hard drive. 16 gig will do. Fine for trading and Intel 7 will be fine.  And you can pick this one right here for $930. That will do you just fine. Now, if you want to go crazy you could. You could say hey, I want the biggest processor like this right here. You can uncheck that and go with the bigger processor so it’s going to increase the price obviously. Icore 9, 64 gig then it’s going to bump to price up at $2,694. I don’t think you need that type of stuff for trading. If you’re just doing charts then you can get away of not doing that crazy stuff. You can always go with the cheaper processor. If you want to go with Intel 5 then I will just make sure that once you get the 16 gig I would see if it’s upgrade-able before I order it. And put 32 or 64 gig of memory. That’s going to help you more than anything. Your hard drive space as long as you’re not doing videos like I do everyday. You’re not going to need any so that would be my recommendation. You can get a good PC from anywhere from $700-$1,000. I’m going to be hosting a special webinar Wednesday, May 13th at 8PM EST. ‘Why the Rich Are Getting Richer: And How You Can Copy What They’re Doing.’ How Silicon Valley is beating Wall Street at their own gains. I’ll HYPERLINK link you to it. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.