Hubert Senters here. Let’s go through a question that I get a lot of what does this mean? And it’s probably the title of this video. So we’re looking at a stock AGN (HB). What that means in TradeStation which is the platform that I use for charting. In taught borrowing what it means is I probably wouldn’t have the ability to short this stock through TradeStation and I’d have to do it through a brokerage firm or a different claiming firm. So when you see HB under TradeStation it just means number one there’s a lot of people short this thing and probably that’s hard to acquire. But more often the knot it’s hard to borrow because TradeStation doesn’t have an inventory for me to borrow to short it. Now, it’s a good thing because this thing has just a beautiful uptrend and if it’s hard to borrow that means there’s a lot of people betting against it because it’s so hard to borrow against on TradeStation. Other platforms might be easier or might be harder. It just all depends. But anytime you see a massive uptrend like that an HB beside it, it means a lot of people are usually betting against it and this is kind of hard to come by in order to short. And that’s the question I get a lot. TradeThirsty is going to be hosting a special webinar. New workshop ‘’Dominate earnings trades with this setup: How to profit from trading earnings.’’ So that’s interesting. I’ve talked to Dan several times on the phone about how his system works. And it’s really interesting. It’s really dedicated for earnings season so if you lose money on earnings season you’re going to want to watch this. If you trade around earnings season you’re going to want to watch this webinar. So when is the webinar? The webinar is Wednesday, January 15th at 7PM east coast time. Put in your information there and hit YES! RESERVE MY SEAT NOW. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.