Hubert Senters here. Got a question from a viewer what I think about WIN. Had to look it up. It’s Windstream Holdings whatever that is. I’m not a huge fan of anything that trades under $5. I consider it a penny stock and all that stuff can be manipulated so you have to be careful. It’s just if you don’t have the acquired taste or skill set for trading penny stocks it’s harder Now if you know how to do it sometimes it can be easier if you know the tricks of the trade. But anyway, didn’t look bad. It’s crossed above the turning line, the standard line. Looks like it’s going to have overhead resistance at about the $6 level so if you were lucky enough to buy it at $3, looks like it may go to $6. Now one thing about would not do is I would not bank on it going from $4 to $6 and then $6 up to $12. It’s probably not going to do that. I could be totally wrong but only time will tell on this type of stuff so be careful. Another question a lot of people ask what’s the HB next to the symbolling? That just means and this is a trade station charting and trading platform. Just means it’s hard to borrow from them. So in other words that means they don’t have any inventory for me to short if I want to short this thing. I’d have to go out and want to all of my other platforms and try to short it on a different platforms and also on stocks that are less than $10. There’s usually less inventory of them to short. So you have to have specialized brokerage accounts in order to do that or people that have them on hand. So it’s outworked and you may have to pay all the way up to $25 percent to borrow that thing, just all depends, different deals for different things. But that is the deal for the viewer that I asked about WIN. Looks like it probably goes to six bucks. Good old market profile if you don’t know what market profile is you should. It’s a great way to trade. It’s a great way to take a lot of the emotion out of the markets and you’re basically just trading at the high value area, low value area. The point of control using the PPO. You’re also doing the VPO. If you don’t know what any of that stuff means you need to learn how to use that stuff. Really cool demo of a piece of software that these guys over here own. When I saw it I wanted to buy it as a personal user and it is a great piece of software as an investor and as an entrepreneur, I want to invest and buy the company. So I’m still trying to do that. I like it a lot. When you see it is really cool, truly sexy go over and take a look. They’re doing a special webinar Thursday, August 9th at 7PM EST. I will hyperlink to the form. Click CLAIM MY SPOT NOW to register for that webinar. Good luck. Hope it helps. And I’ll see you on the next video. Hubert.