Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at Walmart. One of the biggest net gainers on a daily like today. We had a little bit of a pullback today. And Walmart is up $8.41 at the recording time of this video which is a little over 7 percent. Let’s take a look at the technical and see what it looks like so. It was in the cloud. It dropped below the cloud and then back above the cloud so it’s a little switch rue there. Above the cloud is going to be bullish in nature. In other words, you want to get long when it’s above the cloud. Short when it’s below the cloud. Now, I would put a filter mechanism on this and say I want to have one, two or three days above the cloud. And with the stock like Walmart which doesn’t have the highest beta in the world which is just a fancy way of saying it doesn’t have a real wide range. I want more days to confirm what’s going on here so I would wait I would watch it over the next couple of days. And if Walmart can continue to trade above the cloud or above $126 it would be a decent long with a target of $132-ish. $132 could even get up to $133.30. Hubert.