Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at Verizon. This is one of the shorts that we found earlier this week. You can see you have one, two, three days below the cloud. Next target on Verizon which the symbol is VZ, Victor, Zebra will be $44.35 so right now straight at $47.70 so it’s still got about a $3 drop. Now, if it doesn’t hold that area which I don’t think it will then it could potentially go a little lower down to the $42 area and then we’ll have to see where it goes from there. I’ve been invited to be a special guest speaker at ‘’Toast To Traders’’ over at Trade Thirsty and what I’m going to do — I’m just going to do a straightforward State of the Market Address where I scan the markets and tell you trades that I like both to the high side and the low side. That will take about 30 minutes and then what we’re going to do is we’ll have some fun. We’re going to give you the opportunity to potentially win some cash so I think it’s a $5000 price pool. So first place will pay out $947. So sign up click the CLAIM MY SPOT NOW. I’ll show you what I think is going on in the markets and how I’m trading them and then we’ll have some fun in the second 30 minutes you guys can sign up for accounts at and then we will do a little competition. And right now, I think — let me take you over there really quick, so if I log in right now it looks like there’s 35 entries almost a — click on this and see what the payouts are going to be so on the $5000 payout. First is going to pay $964, second $482, third $322. So when you break it down fifth through tenth place $137. Those are good odds I mean right now there’s only 35 people signed up so there’ll be more on the webinar obviously but 50 through 100 place is going to pay out $12.40 plus you get it, you know, bragging rights if you’re first obviously. I am going to hyperlink you over here to Trade Thirsty. Click this CLAIM MY SPOT NOW. I’ll meet you Saturday at 9AM Eastern and then the competition starts at 10AM Eastern. Good luck. Hope it helps and I’ll see you Saturday. Hubert.