Hubert Senters here.

Let’s take a look at VRSK. Now, there are all kinds of going through earnings and I’ve been doing a lot of those. I was just getting bored with doing so many and there’s so many of them. They are very nice trades. This one looks very appetizing even though it is not a bracket trade.

Look at this massive uptrend that has now been reversed with price action. Now trading and closing below the cloud looks good. It’s got some support down here at $117. The symbol is VRSK.

I think it’s going to work its way to the $117 area, it’s at $140. It’s going to take a while and it’s going to take more than a few days or a few weeks but it looks good to the downside.

Mark Helweg is going to be doing a special webinar on ‘’How to Potentially Profit from Huge Market Moves without Predicting the Direction’’ which a lot of people suffer from. And it’s one of the hardest things to figure out and you’ll take anywhere from three to five years to get really decent at it and that’s trading almost every day.

So it’s a really interesting service. It’s actually been putting up some really good returns. I am going to lead you back over to this REGISTRATION page in case you want to register for the webinar and watch the webinar presentation.

Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video.