Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look Ulta, ULTA. Obviously a bracket trade for Monday. be careful on this one because it’s got a little chop to it. The ADX has been above and below like you see the red below this screen line. Sometimes that means it’s not the most trending thing. Right now it’s saying that it wants to go trending. But you just got to be careful with it. Anytime you get a big gap up like and it finishes close to the end of the day also a warning sign so it is going to be a bracket trade for Monday but you got to be careful. Potential long at $256.91. Potential short at $234.53. Don’t past judgement on it whichever way it goes follow that direction. In the back of my head it’s saying they’re going to be a short because that’s been acting great. It’s been on trending for a while. And it’s sold off from basically $253 down to $234 now looking good but I could totally wrong. This thing could go $256. It can go to $280. Keep an open mind about this stuff when you’re doing bracket trades. Vantage Point is doing a special webinar tomorrow on Trade Thirsty’s platform Saturday, August 29th at 10AM EST. If you don’t what Vantage Point is it is a sophisticated algorithm that will predict what your trading is going to do over the next one to three days. It’s just a predictive algorithm of what’s going to happen with whatever your trading in the next one to three days.It’s good piece software. It’s simple to use. I’ve used it before. It’s good. Go checkout the webinar and see if it can help you. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.