Hubert Senters here. Got a question from Joanna. What are the new targets for Tesla. Let’s take a look at it so. It should be fairly easy to figure out here. All I’m going to do what I’m doing is I’m looking for obviously the most recent high and one back low. I kind to do on reverse so now I know my eyes going to gravitate on here. That’s going to be my low. It could go there too. That will work. Either one of those would work for me. I’m going to go low, higher and then I want to make that the low and then it will give me my projection. I’ll do both. It will give me an overlap. One, two, three. There’s the first set of numbers. So I would say $2,320, $2,404, $2,539, $2,674, $2,758. Heads up it’s going to do a 5 to 1 split. It may not hit those but in time it will split. There you have it and once again there’s your numbers. Remember it’s supposed to be doing either a 3 to 1 or a 5 to 1 split so it will cut this stuff and buy a lot but then it will go probably continue to go much higher. Vantage Point is doing a special webinar Saturday, August 29th at 10AM EST. What their software does in a nut shell, is it spots, a verifiable trend. Anyway, it’s a one to three day predictive algorithm so what it’s doing is spot trend and reversals and then you can ok it’s going to go down for three days. It will give you the scans spits amount. It’s kind of like a trade alert service but it’s a piece of software and it’s got a three day prediction algorithm that will let you know whether this thing is going to go higher or lower which is beneficial if you don’t know this thing. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.