Hubert Senters here. If you’re following along on the updates of the Tesla trade we have exceeded all of our targets $439, $466, $482 so now what we’re going to do so hopefully you’re already out of at least half or three quarters of your position at this point and you’ve got a trailing stop-loss on either that last half or that last quarter depending on how you’re doing the trade. So now we’re going to figure out where this sucker is going to go to. We got a little bit creative here because now we don’t have our anchor points because in order to do this – the only thing we can do I guess this point you do have to be a little bit creative. Number one, let’s see if this will fit or going to go from these lows right in here to that high to this little area so we can use that. Now, it’s a little bit longer term-ish but it will probably work for. This is the most recent days. So you’re going click down in here for a low, click up here for a high and then high or low. And that will give us a more breathing room to high side so our next new targets for Tesla will be $514, $557 and $583. I just want to double check one thing here. A little bit longer timeframe to see where it’s been in the past. Pretty much on chart here and that’s okay. So I’m going to stick with that and our updated targets are going to be $514, $557 and $583. The folks over at Monday morning pay there they’re going to be doing a live webinar this Saturday. It will be a live event. Rob Brooker and the Wealth Press crew Rob is going to ‘’Show you how you could earn $1,054 every Monday and answer all your questions.’’ Plus he’s going to reveal his favorite income 2020 trade. It will be Saturday, January 11th at 12 noon. Put in your email right there and hit the REGISTER and that will register you for the webinar. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.