Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at Tesla. Obviously it’s making a vertical move. And when we take a look at bracket trades. Bracket trades usually can be triggered by a couple of things. Number one it could be news related item like something in the news happen or it can burn an earning’s report. And the bracket trade is this because we’re going to follow up here so I’m going to follow-up a video on so. Anytime you have a gap like the previous day here we had a gap situation on Tesla and there was that low of that day. And then here was the high of that day. The low was about $1,188 and the high was about $1,229. We’re not going to trade the first day that it gaps up or down. We’re going to wait for the next day and then if we get a trade or a close above  the $1,229 is going to be an automatic long and trail your stop-loss. If you get a trade or a close below $1,188 obviously it would be a short so in this case scenario you basically got to go long from the open of the market and try to hold it as long as you possibly can. Hubert.