Hubert Senters here.

Let’s take a look at another decent up trending stock TRV to the high side. Looks really good to where the stock market and the bond markets are going crazy and into commodities nice steady and stable sometimes or a lot of time to win the day. So in this situation you see TRV massive uptrend is really respect in that turning and the standard line hasn’t broke below it in the entire year of 2019.

I know we’re early 6 months in but it had run. It could potentially pull back to the yellow or the purple line, yellow line being the turning line which would be the number of $146.78. Standard line a little pullback to $144.91. You could buy it now and use those as your trailing stop-loss or you could just patiently wait for a nice pullback to add them on the long positions at those numbers that I just read off to you.

Good luck. Oh, hold on just Trade Thirsty is going to be doing a special webinar this Saturday June 8th starting at 9AM. Title of the presentation is Got indicators? Top traders share their best trade tools. Here are your speakers. There’s Micha, Serge, Johnny, Silas, Andrew Hima and Ron. You can scroll down and read the entire page. I will lead you over this page so you can put in your email address their and register for the webinar.