Hubert Senters here.

I know we have looked at this one before MYL but I want to point out while we look and have a long list and a short list of things it’s because of situations just like this because you never know what the market’s going to do. Now, you can see this is all below the cloud which is really good if you’re short.

Now, if you’re long this thing has been a nightmare for you so that’s why we recommended on the short side. Now, you can see what a gap situation. There’s a little gap there. Let’s see if we’re getting more gap. There’s one there and there’s one there and there’s one there. Sell off like crazy consolidation and now another sell off today. And then the Dow, S&P, Nasdaq all the indexes are down lower and this thing is going to get smoked.

Now, where do I think this thing’s going to go? I think it’s going to ultimately rest below $10 so the target is going to be an even target of about $10. And then after that we’ll update the target to probably $5 so add this to your watch list of short things if it’s not already on there, MYL in a good looking little short.