Hubert Senters folks. The free ride is over. If you’re not a decent stock picker now a days. It’s not just buy and holding it and it all goes up that has changed and it’s going to change even more dramatically in the few. And it’s made everybody looks like geniuses. Now, if you don’t have some decent skills as we transition from always up to now sideways to slightly down to eventually selling off like crazy. You’re going to get absolutely destroyed. I know because I’ve been doing this for a while. You need to learn how to actually pick good technical trade so here’s an example. I’m just going to highlight some of the stuff. Here’s Peloton. Oh, it’s great. Yeah. It was great at $160. You like at $160. I bet you love it at $80. It’s still a short though. Tesla, TSLA if you can spell. I can. TSLA, Tesla also big mover taking a nice little pullback and then the main thing about this is these pullbacks are not even bad yet but they are setting up to be even better shorts. If you know how to play both directions. Now, there’s also trades on the other side like for example Ford. Did a video on this few days ago. I think that 27th of May. And we had a bracket trade up here, a gap up, a long with a target of $16 hit it today. It’s probably go to $18 is our second target. If you do not understand the proper way to find these trades your portfolio is going to take a hit now. I’m not telling you to jump out of your long. If you’ve got an entry and substantially lower that’s fine. Make sure you’ve got a stop loss that you’re okay with. You don’t want to turn all of those unrealized gains into a potential realized loss by freaking out when it sells off later on. So I’m going to be doing a special webinar tomorrow on My Secret Weapon for Finding Best Trades. It’s going to be tomorrow morning Friday, June 4th at 10AM. I know that’s early for some of you but look the markets open at 9:30. Less coast people I know you’re probably going to struggle but anyway, all you got to do is give me your first name, email address, mobile telephone number. And I’ll meet you tomorrow morning at 10AM. And we will go through how to do this stuff. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.    

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