Hubert Senters here. This one looks better than most. This is a daily chart of BIDU. And it broke. But it pullback below the turning line, standard line. All the way into the cloud and then bounced out of the cloud. If it can close above $368 it will probably go to $290 and then after that $320 and $340. It looks substantially better than TSLA. Tesla is still below the cloud. I’m not saying it can’t come back because it can. See all the lagging line here did not dip below the cloud. That’s a good sign. And then also PTON, Pelleton also weaker. Now, you see how the lagging line is already below the cloud about a half a dozen bars below the cloud. That one is in trouble. Tesla, any day now we’ll be able to see which way it’s going. Pelleton probably going to go little lower over time and maybe even a lot lower time. But BIDU technically looks a little better than both of them. Johnny aussie is doing a special webinar March 9th. I believe it’s tonight at 8:15 PM EST. You can read. I don’t have to read the stuff to you. I will HYPERLINK you to the registration page. And if your interested click this little button right here CLAIM YOUR SEAT and that will take care of it. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.