Hubert Senters here. A lot of people ask me what type of technology I used to trade with. And you’re not going to believe this but I just gave one of these to Serge Berger when he was down here at the bat cave which is what we call my office. And if you can grab on this. It’s $84 but it’s some of the best $84 you’re going to spend. This is one of the coldest and smoothest mice or mouse. I don’t know what the proper terminology. It’s a mouse. Go grab this bad boy. I’ve had all the different versions of this thing and this thing is amazing. You can put it on glass and it’ll even work. And I use this one to travel with the Logitech MX anywhere 2S and I also use this on all my trading desks that I’m at now. It is wireless. You do have to charge it from time to time. But it’s super easy to use. It’s laser quick. It’s got a really nice app with it. And it’s just a joy to use so if you’re in front of your machine a lot the way I am it is a great way to make it a lot easier on you. So go grab that bad boy. That’s what looks like. You can see how many reviews there are. Looks like there’s about 536 reviews mainly four stars. So it’s not too shabby go over and grab you on. Good luck. Hope it helps. And I’ll see you on the next video.