Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at PFE. A lot of people asking are there anything that is decent out there to buy? Well, technically a lot of stuff looks like what’s going to continue sideways to slightly lower but PFE here, Pfizer even with all the market sell off it is holding up very well. As you can see if you compare this to once this thing trade on NYSE. Let’s compare it to the Dow, different and let’s compare it to the ES which is the S&P 500. So those would be the two comparable ones even though it’s not the exact same. And now we go PFE, looks pretty good. I mean as far as the techno’s go it’s been a little bit of time here in the cloud. But everything else is kind of selling off and pulling back in everything. It’s holding up fairly well. Now, if you just want to be super confident in the buy area I would wait for it to close above $43.74 it’s above the turning on, the standard line, a little purple on that there would be $43.74 long there. Stop would be at the yellow so all you would do is look over here at your two tags. You’d go long when it closes above or trades above $43.74. Stop-loss would be $42.80, the yellow line and your targets would be this most recent support area in that most recent support area. And then if it can get above $46 you’re off to the races. TradeThirsty is going to be hosting Andrew Keene on ‘’My favorite Strategy for Finding the Best Options Trades.’’ CLAIM MY SPOT NOW. Click right there. It’s Wednesday, November 7th at 8 PM EST. And you can scroll down here. Here’s what he’s going to share with you. Intro to the basics of order flow, best types of options trades to take my personal trading plan, breaking down the Greeks for the trade, current market examples, scanning for your trades that you’re going to take. So once again that is going to be Wednesday, November the 7th at 8PM EST. Click that blue button right there that says CLAIM MY SPOT NOW. Good luck. Hope it helps. And I’ll see you on the next video. Hubert.