Hubert Senters here. Good sign for the markets. There is an old now that a lot of us kind of abide by it’s not. It’s not the law of gravity but it is a good a good rule of thumb. So goes Goldman so goes the market. So we’ve had one, two, three, four days of upward momentum above the cloud on Goldman Sachs. And the lagging line looks like it’s going to close above the cloud in the next few days. So that is a good sign for their overall market. Once again, this is just a guideline. It’s just a rule of thumb. It is not the law of gravity. So don’t take it that I’m saying ‘’okay, the markets can make all time new houses because they are forever.’’ That’s not what that means. Anyway, Goldman Sachs been up for four days. Taken out this most recent high right here. Next little bit of resistance it’s got is in the area of $244. And then after that about $256. Good luck. Hope it helps. And I’ll see you on the next video. Hubert.