Hubert Senters here. Markets are basically freefall right now. I am looking at the bounce down, $728 points so there’s nothing that’s not true. I almost lied to you. I’m sorry. There are a few things possible but not much right now like in the Nasdaq there’s PP. It’s not going to last. There’s MDLZ. It’s up 7 cents. But this is what the rest of market looks like, NVDA, Nvidia so this is going to sting a bit if you are long. But it’s a great day if you’re short so I’m just doing an update here on the video. Ultimate target here or I should say not ultimate target. The next target for Nvidia is going to be around $189.27. Market is all over the place obviously trending lower. Make sure you protect yourself at all times. Index futures look like they have more in store to the downside. Not only just today but the next few weeks and next few months. It’s probably going to get a nice little draw down. It’s okay those are natural, we need it. We’ve had eight or nine year bull market. It’s time for us a pretty good pullback. Good luck. Hope it helps. Protect yourself at all times. And I will see you on the next video. Hubert.