Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at an indicator that will help you make better buying and selling decision een when fear is rampant in the market. Obviously you can see this is a massive move here. This is a 60 minute chart of this SPY. And as you can see it really did a good job. Back in here called the selloff here.  And then that was the first attempt right there. I can’t fill all on the charts just because my screen is so small for this data. And you can see it could save you a huge amount of money if you’re to sell right here. And now you can see it’s still selling but the selling is slowing down here and these are measuring two different things. One is the difference between positive or negative tick. One is the pressure too. But if you switch over this is a 60 minute chart.  Here on the 5 minute we start seeing some bottoming yesterday at around 1PM. As you can see here yesterday at 1PM we went from dead selling to a little bit of buying and then we had half and today we had buying here and then selling here. So it’ll give you a warning that the 60 could potentially change so we’re probably going to get a multiple day bounce specifically if they passed the stimulus package then we’ll probably have a few day rally. I think it will roll back over after that because even if they passed it has to go to the house and then you should wait for your check so then that’s what scares people. And plus nowhere out of the woods yet. The numbers are still climbing right there $414,277, $18,557. If you freak out on stuff like this which is never good for you don’t do this. This will freak you out. If you’re the type of person and freak out just stop the video and go do something else really quick. Don’t do this and hit refresh. Three to four times a day it will scare you. It will increase the scare factor if you wait and do this every three to four hours. Don’t do that if you stress out easily.  I’m going to HYPERLINK you to a webinar that Mark is going to be having Wednesday, March 25th on this secret indicator that predicted the selloff. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.