Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at the market so S&P still on its little pullback scenario. Remember to pay attention to the multi-timeframe analysis when you’re doing this. I know I’m usually doing daily charts on this thing because I did multi-timeframe analysis just videos a week 23 minutes long everyday. As you can see though the 60-minute is a sell, the 10 is up so anytime you get a 60-minute sell signal is usually good for three or four days. And right now, it’s two days into that sell signal. So pullback in play in S&P. Nikkei looks fine. Nasdaq looks ok. Russell looks fantastic. That thing is going to go higher. Dow looks ok. Eurostoxx ok. DAX ok. Bund not for me. 30-year not for me and 10-year not for me. I’m not trading much into these trades right now. Gold sold off like crazy yesterday and it didn’t bounce much today. Here’s how I gauge that. What I do is I zoom in and I take everyday as it’s like doom and bloom or pop and slap. If I go from here from the high to the low. Did it retrace at least half? Yes. That means that’s a healthy market that you can probably participate in. And unfortunately it closed lower so what I want to do is go up here, tag this area and then roll back over which is perfectly what it did if on the other hand it did something like this. You gauge it. And you can see this one the beginning of the selling into the selling never retrace to a 50 percent which tells you that this thing is weaker than you think it is and then the other shoe drops. So this one it did retrace but it’s still probably going to go down. It’s not as weak as this previous push to the down side. Platinum that is a decent buy right there. A pullback on the turning line close above. Next target most recent highs on $1,100. Copper breaking out ladies and gentlemen. Next target $3.80. As opposed to trade index other than the Russell. Russell looks amazing. Get you some Copper or get you some Platinum. Both of those look decent. Natural gas short it on a bounce. Crude oil buy it long with a target of $50. Heating Oil probably goes to a buck $50. The meats weren’t doing anything today. I already looked at them. They’re non-tradeable for me. Wheat in the cloud past. Bean Oil long with target of $40. Corn long that’s kind of sideways. I would just wait until it broke above that $427 area. After that it goes $448. Oats looks magnificent. That is a vertical move. Heads up, it’s going to pullback. It should have pulled back today but it didn’t. And it said Hubert, we’re not pulling back. We’re going higher. We’re going to $346 4/8. Rough Rice dead to me and she’ll be dead to you too. If you want to trade Rough Rice knock yourself out. It’s just going to grind your account. That’s my opinion but knock yourself out. Soybeans next target $1,216. Soybean Meal probably pullback to the cloud. That’s where I want to bid on. Coffee crazy. Leave it alone right now. Coco wait for a close above the $2,567 area. Cotton looks great. The ADX is a little low but you can work with it target $80. OJ going to selloff and drop the $115. And then Sugar was a buy and then change its mind today. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.  

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