Hubert Senters here.

Doing a video a little bit earlier 10:18. I usually wait until the market closes but it looks like we are going to sell off a little bit more today. As you can see we talked about this in yesterday’s video about a 50 percent retracement is the norm and then what you want to do is you want to climb above that if you can.

That mean the selloff was a good sell off but now we’re going to climb higher. That’s all what’s happening here. What’s happening right now as I’m recording this video is it basically did a 50 percent retracement. If you go from that high there to this low then you got a 50 percent retracement there. If you cannot from the next scandal which was yesterday it just barely closed if it the close up above it. Yeah, just barely. And now we’re diving back down again.

So we’re still in a hurry up but it’s tradable. Things that you can hide out in is stuff that’s doing well. You can do Gold. You can do bonds, you can do the bond and then I always have a special list of stuff that I like to go long stuff that is stronger than your average stock. So when I start looking through my continuation long as I can see like AMAT is doing good even though the market’s going crazy, things going down $2.68.

And then I can kind of look at stuff that I look at and I just thumb through it. No, hey what’s strong even though the market’s taken a little a little beaten here, CCI looks good. It’s only down 6 cents. And that’s where I’ll go. So my first play is on stuff like this I can short the index futures and day trade them to the downside. Right, that’s easy.

Second play is I can do the counter trend trades or not counter trend trades with the complimentary trades where you want to go up and want to go down.

And what I mean by that is if index has go down gold might go up bonds might go up. They they’ve already been in that role so I’m already ahead of the curve on that thing. And then the other play is I’ll look at stuff like AMAT and CCI and make sure in my continuation of longs that I’m in the ones that are that are holding himself up even with the market selling off. So there’s you three place to protect herself and hot out as markets starts to sell off process.

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Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video.