Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at MPC as you can see. Nice little break out today of $3 up $4.12% probably going to go substantially higher. I am going through a Fibonacci projection on here for you so you can kind of figure out where it’s going so from this low to that high to this low. So a bump to $10 on the $100 percent extension or projection whatever you want to call it. Next target is going to be $80.44 and then $82.16. One of the concepts that you’ll get fairly quickly in trading or you’ll run out of money is a risk or a risk to reward ratio, very important. A lot of people incorrectly think like I want to know how successful this thing is, that’s the most important thing oddly enough I could figure it out. What’s more important than the success ratio or the percentage said a thing is profitable is what is your risk versus your reward, so let’s take this for example. If I was going to show you a trade that worked like $98% of the time and this is a hypothetical I would say ok, use no stop in a 5 tick target on the S&P 500. That would work let’s say $95% of the time but the time that it didn’t, it would wipe you up, see what I’m saying? You could also say for every $1 that I risk I would like to have $5 back, that’s the difference between a success ratio and a risk to reward ratio. So Mark’s going to cover ‘’How To Trade Minnow Risk to Target Whale Profits,’’ Friday, April 20th at 12PM EST. AM and PM always gets me every time. You will be surprised to death how many times I missed the flop because of that. But anyway, ’’How To Trade Minnow Risk to Target Whale Profits,” Friday at 12PM EST. I am going to hyperlink you to the page. Click CLAIM MY SPOT NOW to register for the webinar. Good luck. Hope it helps. And I’ll see you on the next video. Hubert.