Hubert Senters here. Got a question from Sean. How long will it take for SQ to hit another profit level or any stock for that matter? Sean, there’s no way to calculate that, that I know of. You would have to have like crystal ball or some kind of crazy shit like that. I don’t know anybody in the world or that can predict when a stock will hit a particular target. When we’re trying to figure out when you do a swag like a scientific wild guess we’re using technical analysis and we’re using charts and analysis. And in a way that’s with a little bit of experience thrown on it. I can tell you where I think the price is going to head towards. Or where I think it will you have support and resistance. But I can’t tell you the day it will hit like next Tuesday at 4PM. I just don’t know anything that can do that. But I could be wrong. Somebody else knows how to do that. Please let me know. Let me take a look at square really quick. On Square, here are the current targets we get set-up for. You can kind of back into it but it’s not going to be perfect so $218, $238 and $250 so if you go with this and you go right click and you go insert analysis technique. And then if I do average true range that will tell me a little bit of information but it will still be a guess. So if I know the average true range for Sqaure is basically is $10. And let’s say it’s trading today at $210 and I needed to go to $218 I would say it will hit in a day because it moves $10, $10 plus $10 it will be $20. It should hit in a day. Unfortunately, you don’t know if the market is going to go up or down today. So today it went down so it did go down $10 points today but it didn’t go up. So what you do is you didn’t figure out is it going to take three days, is it going to take five days. I would say it hit that within the next three to five days as long as the markets going up. Because if the market rolls over Square will go down with the market. I hope that helps. It answers your question. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.