Hubert Senters here. I want to give you a little bit of heads up so this is an indicator that Mark Helweg has developed. You’re going to see how powerful it is here in a just a second. Obviously, you can see a lot of red up here and a lot of red down here. Just focus on that for a minute.  You can see down, move. And this is kind of based upon the NYSE tick. It’s not kind of. It’s based upon. It’s let you make a more informed decision. You can see it’s a lot of selling telling you to stay away and then oh, look at here. So now we got this situation that all of you know. I’ve got a set at couple different primary so ones a little bit fast ones a little bit slow. So you can see around one you stall some difference between the net negative and the net positive so bound 1’o clock. And then so around one you saw some buying coming here. This one is still red because I’ve got set it to two different link on the look back. This one is telling me it’s still selling. And this is going okay heads up maybe potentially turning and then this is just a 5 minute chart of the SPY which tons of you guys trade. And then you’ve got green bars here. And now you can notice it’s got green. And then we’ve got all green today, that was yesterday. All green today except for this red little swaft right here. And then you’ve got the difference. And now, it’s back green again so, probably we’re going to get a follow through for the next few days to the bounce. It’s a great indicator for timing stuff. Let you know where the pressure coming, selling versus buying with the number of things up ticking divided by the number of things down ticking. And Mark is always smarter than me. I just do this calculation in my head real time when I’m intra-day trading index futures and he’s made it into a really simple indicator to use that you can make a better informed buying or selling decision on. He’s going to be doing a special webinar on this bad boy. If you trade these buy or any indexes this is going to be useful for you. ‘The Secret NYSE Indicator that Predicted the Corona Selloff!’ Learn to decipher the clues in the NYSE TICK Sentiment. I’ve been doing this all for years. It’s definitely a good skill. If you’ve got the skill it would do nothing but help you. I’m going to LINK you to the webinar registration page Wednesday, March 25th at 8PM EST. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.