Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at the hottest IPO of 2020. Now, I know 2020 is definitely weird year. And you also got couple of big wings investing in Snowflake but be careful on these things. They’ve got private placements which means they’ve got a ton of cheaper than everybody else on the IPO. That’s how you make money on this stuff either get in a pre-IPO. You get in the public markets. You can either do private placements. You can do Warren’s and stuff like that. But overall doing IPOs in my opinion the best strategy is to wait. Because if you’ve got an IPO nobody got the opening price on the IPO one point and it gap up and then it sky high. This is the day range over here up here to like $310. If you put a market all in there heads up you’re going to get $300 or $310 is what you’re going to get. And then you would be down severely in your position. A good way to approach this is wait for a Kmart blue light special. They’ll usually retrace about 50 percent and the float on these companies is after the hold up or the lock up period. There’s going to be more shares that are available to sell. And it’ll probably pullback around then. If you read their SCC file and you can dig in and see it went all that stuff is like got to go up 133 percent. As long as it stays up I think above $150 then the lock up period there’s going to be some more floating and you could be holding a bag so just wait. I mean if it goes and if you have the fear of missing out I want it on Snowflake because Buffett’s investment. Heads up, Buffett’s got a few more coins that’s in his pocket than you do so he can make a mistake plsu it got any like cheaper than you. And if goes above $310 you can get it above that. Just wait. Let it shake out. Let it get a little bit of a pullback. IPOs are just notoriously wiping people out. And it’s going to make you or break you if get in Snowflake at either $150 would be better or if you’ve got in $310 and then it goes to $500. So my advise is just be careful on the Snowflake IPO and if you want to do an intraday mark yourself out like if you’re day trader and if you want to try to buy at $230 and sell at $274 you might be able to pull that off most people can so just be careful. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.

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