Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at SNA. Believe it or not Snap-On Tools Inc. I believe. So the ADX is a little low but it’s not terrible. It’s at $17.61 and you can see. Let’s zoom here and show you what I’m looking for here. I’m looking for at the stop going down on this bottom chart here this ADX. You can see where it’s bottom then it’s headed back up. So it’s $17.61 but it’s headed towards $20 so that’s not too bad. It’s above the cloud for two days. And it’s above the turning and the standard line. So then what I would do is go back here shrink some stuff down. I take a look at the little most recent highs. And we have here’s then one, two, three little triple top here. There’s one. There’s two. There’s three. We have taken that out with price action but we have not close above that. If we can get a close above that then Snap-On could potentially march a little higher and it could potentially do this little move right here. It could do the one, the two and the three. It could potentially go to $165, $173 and $178. Mark Helweg is doing a special webinar Wednesday, October 7th at 8PM EST ”How to Take Super Small Risk and Target Massive Winning Trades.” Both Mark and I are huge advocates of risking small and having an open growth potential so check this webinar out. I know you’re going to like it and enjoy it. I will HYPERLINK you to this registration page once you get over here. Click CLAIM YOUR SPOT NOW and then you’ll just give us the information and we’ll email you the details of the webinar. Good luck. Hope it helps. See you on the next video. Hubert.