Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at the markets. Unless you’re hiding underneath a rock you saw that the market got smoked today. And believe it or not, not very medium or below the cloud. So we still got a little bit more damage that may be done or that could be short term because it’s a geopolitical Italy thing. And anyway let’s take a look at what you can do about this situation. The Dow is not below the cloud yet. And then if I look at a couple of other indexes they’re not too bad in too rough a shape. If you look at the Nasdaq it’s still okay. If you look at the Russell it’s still okay. Really the two that got affected. Dow down $347, it’s down more than that earlier. And then the S&P even though it’s not below the cloud it was down $25.75. So what you always want to do is you always want to have a little a list of longs and a list of shorts. So in case you get any of this happening and you should write this down your playbook too. On long holiday weekends the likelihood of some something crazy happening is high whether it’s a terrorist attack or whether it’s a mass shooting at a school or something like that as bad as that is and I’m not making a lot of any those situations. It’s just kind of the towns that we live in now. That stuff has a high likelihood of happening the longer that the market is close and you may be caught with your pants down and you don’t want to be caught with your pants down. So be careful on that stuff and write down if I don’t have enough cushion in this trade going through the long holiday weekend. I’m going to get out of it. Go fly. And I’ll reinitiate when the market opens up that’ll keep you out of trouble. Now, another thing you can do. Always have a list of longs and shorts so if you know something there’s a major uptrend like the semis. You can see, you know, MU acting pretty good. INTC, if I can type it here. INTC another semi or if something is just in a really solid uptrend like ALGN. And you can see that right there. The market didn’t really affect that so always have a list of good things that can go higher and a list of good things that can go lower for you. So no matter what the market those that you you’ll know how to handle it. I am going to be doing another live webinar on ‘’How to make $6,281 in 10 days Risking only $312.’’ I am going to teach you a bond 101 workshop. There’s one I’m going to be going through. And I’ll also give you a framework of how you should go about picking the right thing for you to trade whether it’s bonds or stocks or options or cryptos and all that good stuff. Webinar that will take place Wednesday, May 30th at 8PM EST. GotoWebinar only will allow a thousand live human beings to be in that room. Heads up, there’s over 3,000 people registered for the webinar so you have a lower chance of getting in there so when you register do a couple little steps like the cell phone instant message thing we can send you and that will help you get in a little quicker. And then also the counter thing and then I’ll open up the room about 15 minutes early. So if you just show up early you have a higher chance of getting in the live webinar room. Good luck. Hope it helps. And I’ll see you on the next video. Hubert.