Hubert Senters here. Let’s take a look at the market so there’s been a lot of talk about in this company that you may want to invest in. It’s Northern Genesis Acquisition. It’s going to roll up higher in my opinion. It can potentially double or triple this year. So that’s one play you could do. These guys RMO are the ones that’s going to supply these catch with the batteries. They should go higher too on that several. Pick your poison whichever one you like. I’m going to give you a target on this one right here. We’re going to go one, two, three. So your initial really close target is going to be $24.39 to $25.38. Right now it’s trading at $22.78. And then after that it will probably work its way to $27 and then $35 and then take out that high around $40. I’m going to be hosting a webinar tomorrow on ”The Best Free Indicator in the World” My Secret Weapon for Finding Better Trades. Now, if you’ve missed a lot of the run up and the teslas, the amazons and apples of the world I’m going to show you how to find new trend trades that have the potential to double in the future. I’m doing this webinar tomorrow Thursday, January 14th at 11AM EST. I’m going to HYPERLINK you to this registration page. And I’ll see you tomorrow at 11AM EST. Hubert.